The ride was great – Retirement of Rose

Hey Water Vikings, so I am retiring from not only the Water Vikings but from armies as a whole. Many of you may be wondering why im retiring and the reason for that is because i’m getting too old for cp armies and I want to focus on my personal life as I am soon going to be starting a job and driving lessons etc. Also, the upcoming school year is gonna be my main focus as its my last year of school and i need the grades to get into a good university or whatever.

Armies I’ve been a part of that matter to me

I joined armies in 2014, when I came across GT (Golden Troops)  in which Smart Penguins merged into. I joined on the reopening of that generation, and was ranked as 5ic and worked up to the rank of Leader of Training within about 2 months.  I stayed in the Golden troops until they shut down. We achieved 1st on the top ten which was amazing before it shut down.

Next, after the Golden Troops shut down, I joined the Pirates Army as a good friend of mine, Tempah asked me if I wanted to join on which I agreed on. I joined as the rank of 3ic and then met part of the Drew Crew, who were highly experienced and great leaders to work with.  The Pirates were an awesome army as it was a good recruiting name and also we got great sizes. I will also remember all the good times I had there with all the owners/leaders.

Finally, I joined the Water Vikings at the end of November, thanks to Stromae and Teigan who recruited me into it. I started off at the 2ic rank and soon achieved leader. I enjoyed being in the Water Vikings as I befriended a lot of people and we had so many funny moments either on the chat or in the wv owner kik group hah. I joined the Water Vikings at the end of November and I have now stayed in the Water Vikings for almost 8 months. I lead the Water Vikings to 1st  and stayed in the top 5 for several months with Bep, Dash and Buddy. Finally, its time for me to go and I wish all the Water Vikings good luck as I know WV can rise and achieve great heights in the future as there are great leaders here.

My experience

Golden Troops, Leader in Training

Pirates 3ic / DW 3ic temp

Golds 3ic – temp while WV was in lockdown.

Water Vikings Leader

People to Thank [ where everyone does ctrl F to find their name lool] 

Bep – Thanks for all the help, I learnt a lot from you and you’re a good leader and a good friend. i know WV will achieve success with you leading. I really enjoyed leading with you and we had so many funny times on chat and kik. We considered each other as friends and worked together. Good luck in WV and life dude.

Dash – u suck! Jk you helped me a lot and I learnt a lot of things from you. I wish you didnt leave WV but that was your choice of direction, im happy for you. Thanks dash, you’re a wonderful friend and good luck in Nachos. I’m glad I got the opportunity to lead with you as you was a great leader with many skills. A true legend in my eyes.

Teigan – met you In GT on june 20th 2014, love u lots x ,amazing best friend. Always great to know there is someone you can turn to and someone who has your back. I will always remember the good times and also the funny times we had.Also, someone i can talk about Pretty little liars with! Hah (: Will miss ya, keep in touch xx #rogan

Andrew24 – You’re a great leader no matter what people say. Haters gonna hate.Great friend to have, you’re funny af (shadesoff). You have led several armies to great heights and you definitely made IW rise in your leadership. Thanks for the good times in Pirates. True legend or what you call yourself as, a god.   Good luck in IW and life! #DrewEffect

Tempah – Met you in GT on june 20th  2014 when GT opened, you are chill af and hilarious temp.You was a great leader in both GT and Pirates. Had so many good times with you. Thanks for all the advice and support. Great friend,  good luck in life temp!

Adden – Great leader to work with, you are capable of leading and I know you will reach great heights in the future. Good luck Adden.

Buddy – Hockey sucks m8 sry! Been a good friend since I joined WV. Very understanding and a nice guy. Good luck in Pretzels.

Final Chaser – Great leader and good sense of humour. Had a good time with you in pirates. Thanks for all the good times i had in Pirates.Good friend, you are chill af. Good luck in life Final.

Stromae – Hey, thanks for everything strom. You helped me a lot back in GT and in WV. Great friend to have who is funny and understanding. (: Good luck in everything.

Antonio –Great owner, glad u rejoined wv as you really worked hard. Good luck in Silver Surfers, you will do great! Great friend, thanks for everything ant, will miss you.

Hulk – Great friend, thanks for everything. Helped me a lot and always had my back. Good luck in life! Ill  remember all the good times we had from GT to Pirates and then WV.  Keep in touch

Supa Em – Good friend, thanks supa. Had a good time with you in GT with teigs.Good luck in smac and life! Team Rosem haha

Itamar – Chill lad and you have a good sense of humour. We had so much funny,good moments. Good luck in life, Basketball champ.

Tymatt–  you’re a chill lad and also the c4 god, beat me so many times Ive lost count. xD Atleast I can say i beat you a few times! Always laying traps on c4 and me always falling into them. A way to get days was to play me in c4 lol. Good luck in WV and life. Cool guy.

Ceri – You’re awesome! Although we didnt talk much. Good friend who I met in DW (: stay cool.

Antman – hi you’re a cunt! Jk good friend who is hilarious. (:Our kik convos are so nice “hi fgt” ” hi bitch” etc lmfao. Good luck ant in everything.

Jay – Good luck in life jay. You was a good owner and a good friend of mine.

Jerry – You probably wont read this but you was a good leader, who i enjoyed working with in gt. Helped me alot in GT. Thanks for everything Jerry and good luck in life.  #foreverafkman

Zak – Thanks for everything Zak, you supported me in WV and no matter what people say I know that you do care about WV after all you’re the creator. Met you in GT, you was hilarious and a good leader. Good luck in CPAC and life.

Spikey – Awesome guy, You’re a very good owner in IW which I can already observe without being in the army. Amazing friend who i can always turn to.Thanks spikey. Good luck in Life and IW. Stay loyal.

Gtu – m8 your hilarious, met you on GT chat  we have had so much funny moments lool. Good friend, good luck in everything.

Spy – your hilarious,Good luck in IW and life. Chill guy. Wasn’t in any army with you but for sure you are a great leader and a good friend.

Freezie – When i joined DW temporarily with the rest of the pirates, good friend although i didnt get to know you much. In my opinion you are a great leader who has achieved so much.  Without you Dark Warriors would not be where they are today. Good luck in life! A true legend.

11: big 11! Good luck in life and DW dude.

Tilgen : Thanks for the good times in golds m8. Good friend. Good luck in life

Trader : noob tradez xd. Nice video u made lol.  Good luck in ACP and life.

Apollo : Good friend, had some funny times with you. Good luck in IW. Stay loyal. (:

Tay: Hi<3 Great friend. Thanks for everything (: Will miss you. Thanks for the birthday card :p Good luck in whatever you’re doing.

Tanner : Great friend, always easy to talk to and a funny guy. Dudee you got that swag. Thanks for everything Tan and good luck in everything

Csy: Good friend and you was a great ausia owner. It was a shame to see you go but that was your choice of direction. You are doing very well in DCP and I’m happy for you. Good luck in everything.

Funky: A very good former WV owner, and a funny guy. I really hope you rejoin WV one day soon when your life isn’t that busy as you have a lot of potential. Good luck in everything funky.

Mid: A very good owner, glad you joined WV. You are very hardworking which I could notice as soon as you joined. I hope you stick with WV. A very good friend of mine. Still a loserrr for cheating on nots and crosses. ): Good luck in WV and life.

Chey: Hii , a good wv mod and I  will miss you. (: Good luck in everything.

Also want to thank all of the Water Vikings, from the members to the owners who always worked hard and truly cared about the army along with the leaders.But also for supporting me and being great troops to work with.

I haven’t added everyone so sorry if you are not added but I’ll miss all of you a lot. Thanks for all the great times. Good luck everyone!

Feel free to contact me anytime.

Kik : xxRose2207xx

P.s still adding more goodbyes..

Videos ( I did not record these videos)





– Rose, Retired Water Vikings Leader


20 Responses

  1. ;( Why you gotta make me teary-eyed for ? I love youu and I miss you way too much already even though it’s only been about 14 hours and I’ve slept since then loool.

    We’re so close to that finale tho on #PLL omg emison yass. #EmisonIsEndgame.

    Omgg we’ve had over a year together already :O And that’s been the best yearr of my lifee. (: ❤ xx Love youu. #rogan

    • + I read the full post! Made me emotionallll. ;o

    • Sorry! Awh love you too x. Omg ikr so damn close to finding out who A is in PLL, can’t wait tbh lool. Yep its been over a year and its been an amazing journey. xx we will keep in touch. #rogan

  2. Bye, Rose! You truly were one of the best leaders that WV has seen in a long time.

    • Thanks Jodie!good luck in everything.

      • You too.

  3. Take care and good luck Rose. You’ll always be one of wv ‘ s most loyal leaders.

    • Awh thanks ant,take care, enjoy life and good luck on SS.

  4. That “stay loyal” xD! I love you Rose and I really hope you go far in life. You’re one of the most determined ladies I have ever met in armies and I hope you’re gonna use that confidence and determination to do something big. Don’t forget, #Jaypollo > #Rogan

  5. Aww bye Rose 😦 Honestly you are one of the best female leaders this community has had the pleasure of having in the past few years and I can’t thank you enough for what you did in WV. I always had a good time having you as a fellow leader and I, along with many others, will surely miss you. Good luck in life Rose!!

  6. We’re gonna miss you rose 😦

  7. bye rose. Yeah we didn’t really know each other when you were in DW, but you were a great owner & it was funny when we trolled Rish about Spi and stuff.

    have a great life! i’ll miss you :^)

  8. BIG ROSE!have a good life!

  9. Thanks for the mention and have fun with the rest of your life :p

  10. wat no snow in there? ah who cares cya rose.

  11. dont know you very well, but u seem nice and have been a good leader for the water vikings. best of luck in life

  12. I remember you when I led the Golden Troops and when you first joined. You were an excellent troop and a great owner, and I truly regret not getting to be a friend of yours.

    Good luck in life.

  13. Can’t believe it’s been that long since we met aha xD

    Even after only knowing you and Teigs for a short time, both of you became really close friends of mine. Very sad to see you go but we’ll definitely keep in touch, miss you lots already! #teamrosem #supaemsuparosesupateigs #gtgirls 🙂 xxx

  14. 😦 Gonna miss ya friend #Roseforever

  15. Adios Rose, good luck in life.

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