Nice Try

The site is now under full control of the WV leadership again. The community can interpret the following picture how they want, keeping in mind the email of the suspicious user on the site (these were the only 3 users on the site after the deface, and the post made under my name was actual through Adden’s account which is proven when we look at the revisions).


‘’. No Drew, defacing our site doesn’t make you look any cooler, it just reinforces how much you are willing to dedicate your life to this game by going to extreme measures to deface the site of an army led by the person YOU drove out of Ice Warriors (which is the reason you are mad in the first place).

After looking through the site it is clear that Adden’s account had been taken over and the user then sent an invite to ‘andy24wv’ as admin rank and then for some reason sent an invite to Kingfunks as author, leading us to again think this was some sort of joke by the Ice Warriors.

Whoever it was would be an absolute fool to think that we are going to buy a backup of the site. Pages will be restored over the next couple of days and as for the events of this week, the images are still on the media section of this website so we are going to try to re-post those.


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