Invasion of Sasquatch and Misty

Hey WV,

Today we claimed Sasquatch and Misty in back-to-back invasions. We maxed 26 and averaged 23-24. Good Job.

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Walrus for Cold Snap – Server Trade

Invasion of Jack Frost + Migrator

HeyWater Vikings,

Today we invaded two servers and added them to the nation of the Water Vikings; Jack Frost and Migrator (safe chat). At Jack Frost, we averaged 23 and maxed 25 and at the invasion of Migrator we maxed 23. Read on for pics…

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[WVTT]How To Avoid Bunching!

Welcome to Water Vikings Training Tips!

How To Avoid Bunching:

So I’m sure you’ve all read the beginner guide. If not, click here. If you have then continue reading for some more tips on how to avoid bunching!

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Invasion of Mukluk – Results!

Hey-o Water Vikings!

Today, we invaded the dropped server of Mukluk! We maxed 22 Water Viking troops and averaged about 20 troops! Good job today guys! Pictures (thanks to Pham and Funks) are posted below and don’t forget to comment if you attended!!!


[AUSIA] Invasion of Ice Box

Hey WV,

Today our AUSIA division claimed the server of Ice Box, which will now be our new Co-Capital to Avalanche! Great job, we maxed 12 and averaged 10.

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Greetings Water Vikings, today we’ve logged on Great White to claim more land to add to the Holy Water Viking Empire, we will continue our conquest up to the top.

We maxed sizes of 31+ and averaged 28+

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