An Ultimatum to the Takis of CP

Hello WV!

So, as you may know, there are generally speaking, 3 parts of the Water Vikings Empire

you have the core, which is the Water Vikings themselves.



Then there are 2 colonies of WV.

The Silver Surfers


And the Freedom Fighters!


Now, the Freedom Fighters, our first colony, have been at war with an army. The Takis.

The Takis have been attacking the Freedom Fighters for the past few days, and so far, they claim they have taken 2 servers.

Before they lost any servers, I asked to see if the Silver Surfers could assist them. While that was in the process of confirmation, the Freedom Fighters lost their capital. Later, I promised Izun, FF leader, that I would attend events if I could. Then, after winning the event, they claimed it invalid cause I showed up. This is where I draw the line.


If Another Freedom Fighter Server is invaded at all, we will intervene. Call off the war, and this can be avoided



12 Responses

  1. Pjayo fuck off

    • Nothing wrong with being the CP army world police

  2. Every event WV does help them in, we would automatically win. Also if you declare war with us, DCP a will have or backs. Yeah, we can play the ‘allies game’ too.

    • we can easily make it no allies

      • We could easily break the rule, like you and FF did.

    • tyvm but we have a month long treaty with DCP. they cant help you.

      • Be right back im adding every DCP troop to Takis ranks. Just like FF did with WV troops.

  3. Also, up to 6-7 WV attended that event. Not just you.

    • Leave with your max 7 army

      • I feel as if people don’t read our weekly SMAP descriptions 😕

      • Also, I wouldn’t have to be here of WV wasn’t picking on my “max 7 army”.

  4. Touché @ Nitro

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