Defense of Frostbite – Results!

Hiya! Today the Water Vikings logged on cp, at 10pm gmt for a defense of our beloved capital, Frostbite. Now, I think we can all admit we didn’t do the greatest at this defense compared to our other events, but that doesn’t mean we should give up. Yes, DCP was greater in size, but I want you all to know, size is one of the three main factors to look for in a battle. Size, Formations and Tactics. As for tactics, ours was clearly superior because from where I was standing DCP’s were all over the place. However, something I’d like to point out is that common sense suggests that when invading a server from another army, you must invade three rooms. Doritos, on the other hand.. Only invaded 2. Those two rooms were the Iceberg, and the stadium. As a result, the invasion is invalid, and the Water Vikings still own Frostbite. Next time Doritos, consider planning the rooms you are to move to before scheduling the battle. I’d also like to add that the Doritos rather sneakily, decided to alter the set times for this event from 7 est to 5 est. Thankyou all for attending, and as always lets continue to eat the Doritos. (: ❤ 

[JAY EDIT]: 5:55pm EST, click “read more” to view the evidence supporting the accusation against the Doritos.

( click for a larger image )

~Fear the wave~ Teigan, Water Vikings 2ic.


12 Responses

  1. I was there

  2. I attended.


    • Nice grammar, noob.

      • Nice ownership

      • Talking about your ownership m9.

  4. I like the first picture because my penguin is saying “Blue Wins!” Despite the lovely paragraph, my personal opinion is that we did lose this battle and that the Water Viking leaders are too worried about losing their undefeated streak. Not that we as an army are showcasing false praise, but more so are hiding the true facts that we just did not come out on top today. Don’t let this message discourage you. Be motivated to come out to the next event ready as ever before 🙂

    • I didn’t mention us winning, but I didn’t mention us losing. I’m not labelling this as a tie either lol. Also, I fully respect your comment and some owners /leaders whos name I will keep withheld, need to stop worrying about their chat size or how embarrassing this event may have been. We are a family who sticks together like glue. We show sportsmanship no matter the outcome. Whether we’re winning or losing unlike the Doritos, who are so cowardly to not show up to the majority of the battles, we know when to admit defeat. Poor leadership and poor ownership, that’s all I have to say.

  5. i was there k

  6. I was there. Even though we admitted defeat, that doesn’t mean we lost the whole war. We need to keep fighting.

  7. Hi 🙂 yw teig

    • Hiya, and lmao thanks. ;P

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