An Ultimatum to the Takis of CP

Hello WV!

So, as you may know, there are generally speaking, 3 parts of the Water Vikings Empire

you have the core, which is the Water Vikings themselves.



Then there are 2 colonies of WV.

The Silver Surfers


And the Freedom Fighters!


Now, the Freedom Fighters, our first colony, have been at war with an army. The Takis.

The Takis have been attacking the Freedom Fighters for the past few days, and so far, they claim they have taken 2 servers.

Before they lost any servers, I asked to see if the Silver Surfers could assist them. While that was in the process of confirmation, the Freedom Fighters lost their capital. Later, I promised Izun, FF leader, that I would attend events if I could. Then, after winning the event, they claimed it invalid cause I showed up. This is where I draw the line.


If Another Freedom Fighter Server is invaded at all, we will intervene. Call off the war, and this can be avoided



Defense of Frostbite – Results!

Hiya! Today the Water Vikings logged on cp, at 10pm gmt for a defense of our beloved capital, Frostbite. Now, I think we can all admit we didn’t do the greatest at this defense compared to our other events, but that doesn’t mean we should give up. Yes, DCP was greater in size, but I want you all to know, size is one of the three main factors to look for in a battle. Size, Formations and Tactics. As for tactics, ours was clearly superior because from where I was standing DCP’s were all over the place. However, something I’d like to point out is that common sense suggests that when invading a server from another army, you must invade three rooms. Doritos, on the other hand.. Only invaded 2. Those two rooms were the Iceberg, and the stadium. As a result, the invasion is invalid, and the Water Vikings still own Frostbite. Next time Doritos, consider planning the rooms you are to move to before scheduling the battle. I’d also like to add that the Doritos rather sneakily, decided to alter the set times for this event from 7 est to 5 est. Thankyou all for attending, and as always lets continue to eat the Doritos. (: ❤ 

[JAY EDIT]: 5:55pm EST, click “read more” to view the evidence supporting the accusation against the Doritos.

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Water Vikings, we logged on at 12:30AM EST today to defend our Server: Oyster from the Doritos army, we have succeeded and successfully defended  Oyster from Doritos. Good event!

Max: 16

Average: 14


With over 26+ on chat


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>>>>>> ❗ [UK] ❗ <<<<<<<

9:00 PM GMT

4 pm EST || 3:00pm CST || 2:00pm MST || 1:00pm PST || 


As of late, people aren’t taking this army serious enough. Here is a list of demotions, if you’re in red, you’re demoted. If you have been demoted and do not understand why, please speak to either me and I’ll run it down with you. The demotions are as follows. Demotions are coming

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Remove Nitro52

Guys, I am currently not in WV. Please remove me from your website. If someone leaves your army, remove them ASAP. Luckily I’m not someone like Badboy, who would deface your website.