Ranks Updated

Hello Water Vikings,

I’ve came to you today, to adress the fact that the ranks are being heavily updated. We are going through the mod ranks only, to pinpoint who we believe is not active enough to stay on the ranks. You may find that you have been promoted and if you have congratulations! However, some people may have been demoted or removed completely. If you are reading this post and you see that your xat name or club penguin name is no longer there, then feel free to leave a comment and make a claim so we are aware that you are still alive.

4ic Line-Up

 Baby Flor | Michael82429 | Shiny ( Pokebub ) | Dadar14 | Poseidon | Daniel

~Justin, Harsh, Rocpurple, Green, Stun, Ben~ Removed.

5ic Line-Up

 Zom | Orange | Xetya | Sophia | Jaisick |

~Anthol1, Madotsuki, Son Nav, Sir_lp, Bladez, Scott30230, Zachary1234e, Steel, Benjaminlt, Skipper~Removed

6ic Line-Up

Dark Lexicon | Bella40102 (Kayla) | Wobbafettt | Ghost4148 | Owlcity207 | Beauty74642

Jooeric, Tax B, Snail_Trail, Skipper233, Gokul, Babygirl9854, goku17445~removed

7ic Line-Up

Maggie | Mowillm | Luigi 

Danny, Mcpenguin349, Woofles, Huskers, culdhoni, Izzie3005oo, Free Dude 15, Bluey Cluey, Rainbow~removed

Reminder – If you have been removed and would like to be added back, please leave a comment leaving your name.


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