[US] Practice Battle

Hello Water Vikings! It’s you’re UK 3ic Teigan here. Today we logged on Subzero, against the ‘Poison Warriors.’ It was originally supposed to be the ‘Striking Raiders’ but they were unable to attend because they were lacking leaders. We had a max size of 15 and an average size of 13. The troop of the event was “Xetya!” Congratulations, you will receive a promotion. – Thankyou to WyoSkyGuy, Adden, and Risk for the pictures…  🙂

                                          Striking Raiders unable to attend the Practice Battle.

17 Users on chat. (: 

A slow start, 11 Water Vikings.. E+2 Smiles.

12 Water Vikings.. J in a line.

Ooh Puffles

A Decent ending! 15 Water Vikings.. E+C Coffees.

~Thankyou to all the troops that attended! Be sure to attend more of our events to be in the running for the troop of the event. That way, you can earn yourself a promotion! 🙂 ~


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  2. came

  3. Not bad aye?

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