‘Retiring’ and whatnot

I haven’t been on for many reasons. Mild depression, intense GCSE studies, social stuff. I’m on the road to becoming an adult, having a job, fucking a bitch, forgetting to wear condoms etc. CP armies has and will only be a set back for me in later life. I’d like to thank Bep and Dash for being such amazing leaders and friends. Leading WV with you guys has been the most fun I have had in CP armies and I certainly won’t forget you. I know I fuck up. I fuck up a lot. But you guys had my back and gave me too many second chances, and I’m truly grateful for that.

I’d also like to thank other great people I’ve met during my time in this army. Pjayo, Jed, Zak, Funks, Moses, and everyone else that has remained loyal to WV. I’ve really had a great time in with you guys. Stay cool. 😛

– Change