Badboy’s Hypocrisy

Hello Water Vikings. Today lets take a look at Badboy, SWAT Leader, and all the controversy and hypocrisy surrounding that.. THING. Read more to continue>>>

Part One – Troop Stealing

I think this one falls under hypocrisy. You see, SWAT declared war BECAUSE of troop stealing. I did not troop steal from SWAT. Zak did not troop steal. Bep did not troop steal. Tot did not troop steal. BUT – a day after the war started, I caught Bad on chat, stealing. Its a sad thing, really.

Part Two – Time Complaining

Again, this is hypocrisy. The “Great Leader”, Badboy, Is complaining about our UK and AUS invasions. MEANWHILE, he has been making invasions at 12 am EST. This is a time, when UK is asleep, US is asleep, and AUS is at school. Nice FAUS division, SWAT.

Part Three – IP Grabbing

Anyone who knows Badboy, knows that he can and WILL boot you offline. He can also use your IP to find out where you live. So, by commenting on SWAT’s site, you are giving Bad FULL CONTROL of your life. Think about that.

I just made this post to give a heads up about who your siding with in this war.

Pjayo – Water Vikings Leader





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