The Tide Is Rising

Howdy, Water Vikings!

So, in our return, we had two decently successful events, one in which we maxed 18 and the other in which we maxed 20. We’re off to a good start! The road to first is not an easy one, mind you, but I believe with hard work and determination that we can accomplish it. I’m very excited for the potential this generation holds, and I’m glad to say I lead it!

Now, after our first two initial events, we were able to secure 4th on S/M Army Press, and 3rd on S/M Army Central, two very good placements! Our goal for this week is to enter the CPAC Top Ten or get much closer to it! It won’t be easy, but we can get our World Power status back. Are you ready to rise up like the tides over the shores? Because I know I am. Let’s do this WV!

-The Tide Is Rising-




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