Badboy’s Hypocrisy

Hello Water Vikings. Today lets take a look at Badboy, SWAT Leader, and all the controversy and hypocrisy surrounding that.. THING. Read more to continue>>>

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BRING IT AROUND TOWN (Un-Scheduled Training|||8/15/2014)

Hello Water Vikings!

Today, I decided to have a surprise Training event, in which we maxed 20 and averaged 16! Read more for pictures!

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We The Vikings! [PB With Redemption Force – 8/5/2014]

Hello Water Vikings!

Today we had a Practice Battle with Redemption Force! We maxed 18 and averaged 16! Read more for pictures!

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We the Bronzers [SMAC Tournament Results]

Aloha, Water Vikings!

Today, instead of our training, we replaced the Air Force, who recently merged into us, in the SMAC Tournament on short notice. We were not disappointed with the result, as we emerged victorious with an average of 18-19 and a max of 20! We outnumbered the Golds 2:1, but they did fight very well. We will move on to the next round to face either the Guardian Penguins or the Chaos Army in the next round. I’m looking forward to moving forward with another victory! Read on for pictures! Continue reading

PB with RF Tomorrow!

Hello WV! Tomorrow we have a PB with RF!


Friday/August 15th, 2014


7:00PM GMT

11:00AM PST

12:00PM MST

1:00PM CST

2:00PM EST

The Klondike Wall

Pjayo’s Edit(2) Operation Klondike Wall has been reinstated, as the Leaders of the Dark Warriors thought they could outsmart us by removing Elmikey and then bringing him back

Pjayo’s Edit: The event has been called off as Elmikey as been removed

The Dark Warriors seem to have scheduled an invasion of Klondike, a server commonly regarded as the open server of the community. Similar to Mammoth of the old days, Klondike has served as a place where all armies, no matter what the size, can go to recruit and battle. The server has been leased out to armies by both the Army of CP and the Nachos, and CPA Central holds no ownership of the server (or any servers.)

Elmikey, in some sort of demonstration, has ordered what is essentially a raid of the Legends Cup V battle between the Night Warriors and the Ice Warriors. This epitomizes the Dark Warriors’ attitude: they think they are superior to regulation, cannot accept that they are responsible for their own failures, and are desperately looking for some way to wave their arms in the sky and show they’re still here.

Armies don’t take kindly to raid groups — and that’s all this is. If the Dark Warriors want to destroy their own reputation and respect level by raiding a CPA Central Tournament and, moreover, challenging free media here in armies because it doesn’t fit their propaganda-filled realities, then that’s their choice. But we, as a community, will not sit idly by while this happens. We’ll see you on Saturday, Dark Warriors — times are below.

The Klondike Wall

Server: Klondike

When:  Saturday, August 16th

12:00pm PST 1:00pm MST 2:00pm CST 3:00pm EST 8:00pm UK

Training Session Results [UK]

Hello Water Vikings! Today we had a Training Session on Hockey(1 BAR) maxing 20 and averaging 17! Read more for Pictures!

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