Temporary Lockdown


I feel like I need to inform you all of what’s been going on. But first, let’s go back to a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago when we looked like we were on the start of a rise. We had an event on the 13th at which we maxed 21. Though 21 isn’t great compared to what we used to max that time last year, we saw it as the start of something good as the previous few weeks we had barely any successful events. May I also note that while we were logging on Tymatt returned as leader, however beforehand it was the leaders and owners who had done the recruiting for the event, and then later that night after the event we hired Benjarkin as leader too.

The next day we maxed up to 25, and things really were looking up for the army. However we did come across a problem when the site started messing up due to there being a problem with the domain so we couldn’t get an events post out that week and sadly that led to another inactive week. Then, both Tymatt and Benjarkin left (some may say hopped!) for other armies and it hit me that I was leaving for a 3 week holiday in 2 weeks. One of the main reasons I hired Tymatt and Benjarkin was so they could help stabilize the army while I was gone, because I believed that Pjayo would need a lot of help. I started to think and came to the realisation that, even if I did have another few great events for WV and help maintain their top ten position before I left, there would be no point because the army would just go inactive during my leave for holiday.

So I decided on this. Temporary closure, lockdown, whatever you want to call it. I arrive home on the 26th July, and plan to make WV return soon after that at the end of July. The ranks will be wiped and when we return most people will have to re-apply for their ranks, excluding a few owners and mods. Also by the way, our domain is no longer wvofcp.com, it is now wvarmy.com .

Late July.