Addressing Recent Events

Hello WV,

I’m not going to lie, we haven’t been doing good lately. This week actually had potential, for our rise back to major, but I couldn’t get on all week due to tests in school and Dash stepped down mid-week and Change was inactive for the past number of weeks. Then by the time my tests ended it was the weekend and I was unable to get online all of Saturday. However I did decide to take the action of demoting Change to 2ic until he got more active but he left a message stating that he’s quitting all together as he cannot be active.

So right now I’m solo-leader. No, don’t think this is bad for WV, because even when there was three leaders I was still doing the majority of the work. Now that my tests are over and I can be fully active again, we actually are ready to rise.


3 Responses


  2. You guys need better US leaders, more US events. Cm on leaders!

  3. Poke we will rise and I understand we do not have US leaders I shall talk to Bepboy

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