Sites Back and Sexier than EVER

We got site back… yayyy


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I[Pjayo] have create

Saturday Success! [Results]

Hi WV,

Today we had a great event. This really is a comeback for us and hopefully this will lead to another Blue Summer. We managed to average 18 and max up to 25 at one point[2 bar server]. We can only continue to rise from here, great job today everyone… maybe even war will be soon! Read on for some pics.

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Back on the Rise!

Water Vikings, we’re doing good once more! We maxed 21 and averaged 16[2 bar server]. Read on for photos! Continue reading

Active Count [MUST READ]

Yes, I have had enough of inactive troops. Yes, that is the reason we dropped out of CPAC. Yes, it is time for an active count. All troops no matter what rank need to comment below on the following to remain on ranks. If you do not comment by 15th June, you will be taken of ranks.


1. What is your Club Penguin Name?

2. What is your rank in Water Vikings?

3. How active are you on a 1-10 scale?

4. What is your time zone?

For example:

1. Berbatov

2. Second In Command

3. 9

4. GMT


Water Vikings Second In Command

Viking Strøm

Vann Vikings, dette er vår tid til å vokse. Dette er vår tid til å kjempe – som ekte vikinger. Det er tid for de andre hærer til å frykte den mektige orkan, den tordnende storm.

In other words – I am now at the helm of the Water Vikings

Under my leadership, I plan to bring WV to its former glory, ward off all enemies, bring in recruiting and organize divisions.

All who oppose us.. Prepare for Hell.

In Helmets We Trust ~ Pjayo

CPAC better have room for us.

Water Vikings, the time is now the rise is now, in 2 weeks we will be on CPAC how? may as ask one thing recruiting. We must rise we will rise but in the end of the day it is the troops and the owners that can do it. So here is something we will do act like a CPAC army all those who have got there and that being us as well recruited and I am not doing this on my own. I have made us recruiting lines PC me on chat for them. We must rise we will rise. We need a wave of new recruits. In 2 weeks if we recruit a lot we can max 30. sizes of 30 are for CPAC. I plan on getting us there. Download an autotyper and pc me for lines and RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT. I only expect hour of most people. I  can recruit for WV 6 or 8 hours a day. So Vikings this is the chance. I expect you all the grasp it and never let go. Falc-out