This Isn’t The 1940’s. [WARNING]

WARNING: This post contains profanity. If you are uncomfortable reading profanity, I advise you to not click read more.

You’ve rubbed me the wrong way, SWAT. Don’t do that.

Hey there. So, “Special Weapons & Tactics”, I see you’ve begun something called “Operation Concentration Camp”. What a shitty name. And you’re targeting armies that you KNOW stand no chance? Even shittier. That’s sad. The fact that you’ve fallen so much as to have to invade small armies for servers is purely humorous.

But it’s fucking stupid.

I advise you not to attack the Guardian Penguins. I advise you not to attack any other small army, you cheeky bastards. The only reason I haven’t utterly destroyed you at my hands yet is because I love Ganger. But you’ve gone far enough to provoke me to lengths where I cannot contain my dissatisfaction. Remember when SWAT got annihilated by UMA? Yea, that was my doing.

I fucking destroyed and colonized your army. What makes you think I won’t do it again, dear?

So here’s my advice: You can either back the fuck up and leave the Guardian Penguins and all other S/M armies alone, or you can die at my fingertips, with more force than you’ll ever be able to handle. This is my warning to you. Lights, Benjarkin, Dwain, and you other unintelligent faggots in SWAT, bar Ganger90.

Do you wanna fucking die?



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  1. The great zakster has spoken!

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