March 2014 Owner Evaluations [Owners.Read]

Note: This post is only really for owners.

 It’s an actual disgrace that I must write this post. I am never one for ‘rants’ or anything like that because usually they don’t help at all but wow, just wow. One night you guys make me think that we will pull out of this slump and then the next none of you log on and we’re at the very bottom again? No more I say, which is why I am introducing Owner Evaluations. If you don’t like them then don’t do them, and just get demoted. Basically  each owner must recruit at least 5 people which actually isn’t that much when you break it down and this is actually quite easy considering how you are expected to recruit before every event but this is just a way of monitoring it. Please read on for more information…

While these owner evaluations go on each owner must recruit AT LEAST FIVE PEOPLE. The evaluations will last for just over a week however there is no set date but be aware you have about 8 days. As I said before, five people isn’t much at all but consider yourself lucky that I shortened it due to the fact that some owners struggle at recruiting.

It only counts if the recruit comments on the join page unless the person you recruit does not like to comment, which is an exception. Please tell the recruit to include that you recruited them when they are leaving a join comment or tell me yourself on chat. Also, please don’t try to be sneaky and leave a fake join comment because we will find out. To keep this well organized I will be keeping a tally beside each owner’s name of how many people they recruited. I have already stated ‘at least five’ and I know some of you can go beyond this mark so if you can, please do as it will not only make the army look better but yourself for future promotions.

If you fail to complete the evaluations then you will probably be fired, unless you have some reason to make up for it like if you are extremely active but completing this will secure your owner spot. Remember you can CP recruit AND Xat recruit people who are already and people who aren’t already in CP Armies.

I am aware some new owners may be hired during the middle of these evaluations, if that is the case the number you are expected to recruit will be minimized or your set date will be extended.

Owner Tally:


Lord Jay:




Sam: //



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