Bep read//Ty read

Bep edit: Yeah Gar quit, I think Jacob did too but that’s alright, we can hire more active ones. Idk if I like this alliance thing though. ..

Well we are not going to war with DCP because when wv entered the war they made a mega alliance with armies like acp,iw,rf,rpf and they were all going to rape us… So yeah I somehow got us out of this war because I really didn’t think i could but lets be happy i did, So yeah i started a world war in cp armies lol……. Anyway I have made two training for us, and if I am not on today try to get a training, plus lets talk about going to war with a smac army.

btw this is what happends when you are not 10th cpac…… fucking hate the s/m world. Happend before the smac top 10 even comes out 😦  knew this shit would happen although i said yes for now we probably will back out cuz they gave us the option to…., plus we need new owners i think Gar and Jacob left but  i could be wrong.


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