The History Project

Hello, Water Vikings.

Before I begin, we’ve hit a bump. But remember: in the previous generation, we did terrible for 2 weeks then hit 40, and gained back 3rd in the Top Ten. So do not fret.

And onto my true topic. Over the next week or two, I will be revamping the entire history page, as well as the Hall of Fame. The History page will now be set up as chapters. There will be eight chapters total, with the seventh being this generation. They are as follows.

Chapter 1: The Dawning [First Generation]

Chapter 2: The Revival [Second Generation]

Chapter 3: Taking to the High Seas [Pirates]

Chapter 4: The Reformation [Third Generation]

Chapter 5: The Dark Ages [Inbetween Third and Fourth]

Chapter 6: The Superpower [Fourth Generation]

Chapter 7: The Continuation [Fifth Generation]

Chapter 8: Miscellaneous [Random History not included in other chapters]

The Hall of Fame will be completely redone as well, but that will be started after the History Project. More on that later.




2 Responses

  1. i led in superpower age im cool shoutout to my mum

  2. Woo 😀

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