Saturday Training [IMPORTANT]

Holo2 Edit: I have managed to Restore most of the Site, all Pages are back, and most important posts from January 1st onward have been restored, you are a failure once again Badboy, I am not done with you.


Hey WV,

After a rather annoying, unloyal owner defaced our site this our chance to show the CP Army community that we well never fall 😀 The pages should be back up later today along with all the results posts of this week (lucky we still have those pictures!). We’ve been rising at a steady rate this week and I hope to see 30 today. We’ll also be setting up a recruiting team and some other exciting things so please keep checking the site every day or so.

Please do not attend another army’s event over WV’s, show us that you are loyal!

BIG Training Session ❗

When: Saturday 1st February 2014

Where: Server TBA at the time, be on our chat ( )


9:30 PM UK

4:30 PM EST

3:30 PM CST

2:30 PM MST

1:30 PM PST


8 Responses

  1. I’ll be there!

  2. I can come 😛

  3. can I cum

  4. Ok thanks for that lovely edit Holo. Have fun without your other 300 posts, and I cant wait to see what you have for me considering you “aren’t done” Must be a real pr0. Cant wait.

    • It’s funny because you must still be mad, why else would you keep checking back the site and commenting on it?

      • Because I can. I came back to look at the pathetic sizes we are still putting up.

      • The fact you called WV ‘we’ shows that you’re clearly still not over us<3333

  5. Great job proving that we never fall. A few people came but they were all AFK, so I was the only person to log on to CP.

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