New USA Owner // USA Owner Elections

Following the departure of two USA owners – of whom we have great gratitude for helping us to our highest sizes, getting 45 and 50 breaking our army record twice. The USA owner section is now short and we will have elections to fill their void. We are aware there are some great UK moderators, and we would like to say that they will get a chance as soon as a spot opens up – so current UK owners keep the work up!

We decided that one person should get automatic placement in the owner spot, and that person has done a great job in recent weeks. They have recruited well, stayed active and are a great example to the less experienced troops. We would like to congratulate JACKNAT for receiving the USA Assistant Commander spot. To the other candidates – this was a very tight choice and many were deserving of this spot.


This leaves the elections. We have handpicked some USA moderator candidates, for whom we feel are ready for the spot. The candidates for the second owner spot are:

  • Miakat
  • Empoleon
  • Percy Jacks2

I feel that any one of these four would make a good owner for the Water Vikings, but we only really have one more space for them. This is why we want you to decide, as we want the army to be happy with the owners that are leading. The person of comes second in this election will be the “Leader of the Mods” and I would also like to remind all four candidates that I am sure spots will open sometime in the future. To vote, fill out the following form in comment.

  1. What is your name on the ranks?
  2. What is your rank?
  3. Who would you like to vote for?
  4. Why did you vote for them?*

* = Optional Question

Here are my comments on each candidate:

  • Miakat: Mia is what I like of a troop. Mia is very loyal and always recruits before an event, because she wants the best for the army. Mia is also only in the Water Vikings, meaning that all of the attention will be given to us and she will make sure that all time is devoted to the benefit of the army.
  • Empoleon: Emp was a 3ic in my ACP leadership and did not leave the army because of other army influences. Emp is, like Mia, also only in the Water Vikings and does recruit sometimes for the army. Empoleon comments on all posts – showing eagerness and a want to be involved in the army and is always there for events that he can come to.
  • Percy Jacks2: Percy has been in multiple armies in his past, including the Light Troops among others, and is a fantastic recruiter. His recruiting abilities are probably his strongest asset and would benefit sizes in a good way. While he may not be as loyal as Mia, Emp or Ana; he has shown good activeness and a willingness to improve the army for the better.

Who will YOU vote for the next USA Owner?

-Kingfunks4 WV Leader


7 Responses

  1. good luck to all and may the odds every be in your favor.

    • Favor you in be every odds the may and all to luck good.

  2. What is your name on the ranks? Idk.
    What is your rank? Super Private.
    Who would you like to vote for? Hitler but he isn’t in the ballot which I find dissapointing.
    Why did you vote for them?* Miakat because of the idea that I have no idea who these people are plus , Mia seemed nice and since Hitler isn’t in the voting registration I guess I’m stumped.

  3. What is your name on the ranks? popcorny
    What is your rank? is it 2ic i dont no
    Who would you like to vote for? emp
    Why did you vote for them?* because he was on first on the 7th January out of the 4

  4. Dash is a liar

    • I told Funks to include you. 😦

  5. What is your name on the ranks? Martin897
    What is your rank? 2ic
    Who would you like to vote for? Miakat

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