Events For the Week

Hello guys, I am here to announce this week’s events. Well the leaders had a meeting to discuss which army to declare war on, but found out that right now, we don’t have any enemies to declare war on. It is okay though, we will still have a lot of practice battles this week with various armies. Anyways, I don’t feel like typing a big intro so here are the events.


What? Practice Battle vs UMA

Where? TBD

When? 7 EST 6 CST 5 MST 4 PST 12 GMT(Not Expected)

Expected? 30+


What? U-Lead

Where? TBA

When? 4:30 EST 3:30 CST 2:30 MST 1:30 PST 9:30 GMT


What? Practice Battle vs DCP

Where? Klondike

When? 3 EST 2 CST 1 MST 12 PST 8 GMT

Expected? 50+


What? Practice Battle vs IW

Where? Matterhorn

When? 5 EST 4 CST 3 MST 2 PST 10 GMT

Expected? 40+

Comment if you can come!

~Tylund1 WV Leader


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