Champions of CP Tourney Times

Well if you guys haven’t noticed, CPAC has created another tournament called Champions of 2013. This basically means that the champions from past tourneys and runner ups will be facing off in a tournament to see who the true champion is. The draw was today and we didn’t get a lucky draw as we gotten RPF, who have consistently been getting sizes of 40-50+ and more on CP. This challenge will be one like no other, but doesn’t that mean we will give up right away and not give a challenge to RPF. When RPF returned this summer, we instantly didn’t like each other. We had disputes over the owner of Parka, which ended up having to fight over the server. We have also supported wars against them as many close allies went to war with them (e.g. Nachos). All I can say is I feel like RPF took us as a joke and they saw bigger armies more of a threat to them. Saturday we will have to prove to them that when the tide is rising, they won’t want to be stuck in it. Like I said before this will not be an easy opponent and we got to be ready for them. So what does that mean we have to do to prepare for battle? We have to recruit our ass off. If you are on chat, you will be told to recruit on CP and chats, depending on your preference. The only way to win, is to recruit troops for the battle. Tomorrow we will be changing every invasion into a recruiting session including one for each division.(Ausia, UK, and USA) It will be mandatory that you attend these recruiting sessions because we will need all of you in order to get lots of troops to beat RPF.

Ok so read more to find time of tourney battle:

Matchup B

Rebel Penguin Federation vs.ย Water Vikings

Saturday, January 4th

Klondike, Stadium

1:00pm PST 2:00pm MST 3:00pm CST 4:00pm EST 9:00pm UK

Troops Needed: 60+

Be on chat 30 minute before battle to help recruit and get ready to log on CP.

Comment if you can come!!!

~Tylund1 WV Leader


14 Responses

  1. I will be there, lets do this guys!!!!!!!!

  2. Sorry, I can’t come. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But good luck guys! You can do it!

  3. I can make it

  4. I’ll be thar

  5. go wv!!!!!

  6. I’ll be there

    • o

  7. hi

  8. blazed could not make it
    to the game her bro needed to go to the hospitel

  9. guys go wv

  10. guys
    hi my name is roman

  11. hi
    me roman and i no you said talk to me it was a aswome game out there this is me roman

  12. blaze im dipbunch

  13. I couldn’t come because I was so busy ๐Ÿ˜–

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