AUSIA Cleanses Fog, Slushy and Summit [6-0]

Hi WV,

Today the Doritos can not complain that we won, as we put the ownership of all three servers beyond doubt today. On all three servers we had sizes of about 5-10 and our tactics were great. I would like to congratulate the Troops on such a great effort today, and for paying attention on all three servers. We spent 5-10 minutes on each server in a row, as we made clear in our post, without opposition from the DCP. One DCP troop showed up to the Slushy cleansing, but that was not enough to defeat us as they were still severely outnumbered on this server. Here are Kingfunks4’s pictures:

Cleansing of Summit

Cleansing of Slushy

Cleansing of Fog


Great Job to everyone that came, and I hope our AUSIA division can continue to help the war effort and capture two servers tomorrow. Comment if you came to this event!




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  1. I came

  2. me came

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