Butt-Hurt Bad

Bep: How did this happen? I authored Bad last night because he was pissing me off editing my post so who editored him? Well actually thank god he’s gone 🙂

Jacob: Defaced again 😦

Well Bad, you must feel real successful right now. What do you want as a reward? A cookie?

Deleting all of our pages.

Deleting all of our posts.

Starting fights on chat.

You really did it all, didn’t you? Well thanks for that little show. Ironically, you helped us. You showed us the real Bad. The Butt-Hurt Bad that just wants power. We will be okay without you. We will slowly restore our site and  we will get to the top again. Have fun trying to get accepted into other armies.

Oh, and nice name “Ace”.


Hey Niggas.

Thanks for firing me. It really added to my list. I would give that list but apparently its too long. Anyways, stay fresh niggas.

Taco, go in peace with Black Jesus.

Holo, go in peace with Black Joseph.

Dash, go in peace with Black Mary.

And Bep, go in peace with what you can make peace of my friend.

Thanks for a great time WV!

Let the lord be with us all.

Short Notice Training Session

Well I have noticed that for this week we have  no scheduled events. I will fully schedule some events tomorrow but for now I will just make a short noticed training session. Guys it is very important that you attend, so we can see who is still loyal to our army. We are definitely in a fall, and I will be the first one to admit it, but I am not backing down from this army. We will rise once again. Lets do this WV. The Wave Will Be Back.

Training Session

Tuesday January 14

4:30 PM EST 3:30 CST 2:30 MST 1:30 PST 9:30 GMT

Comment if you can come!

~Tylund1 Water Vikings Leader


Well it seems like Vince has been trying to stir up chaos in Water Vikings by saying the leaders and him are trying to coup Aaron. I have no idea why Vince has thought the leaders were going to coup  Aaron, and if we were ever going to coup a leader, we would’ve never told a 2ic. Ever since his army merged into WV their has been a lot of problems involving him. Tot tell you the truth I could see it was bad from the start. He is power hungry and feels he is superior to all the other 2ics. He was trying to take over and get leader in Water Vikings. Well I am sorry Vince but you are gone. We are not having trouble-makers in this army like you. Aaron is staying leader in WV. I also have proof of Vince parading around chats talking shit about Aaron and telling people false information about saying we were going to coup Aaron. I will add the pictures later, once I can get in touch with the person who showed me them. Vince you should’ve known as a 2ic, you never talk shit about a leader.

Goodbye, Vince


❗ IMPORTANT: Sunday ❗

What? Practice Battle vs IW

Where? Matterhorn






10 GMT

Expected? 40+


❗ ❗ URGENT ❗ ❗

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Tuesday Training Results!

Hey WV,

Today we logged on with a marvelous two full chats and when we got on CP you guys didn’t fail us. We warmed up in town with about 25 until we realized the town cap had been changed to 25 so some of our troops were locked out. So once we found that out we moved to the Forts where we reached amazing sizes of 30, which is great for a weekday event! Overall we averaged 25 and maxed 30. Well done guys, read on for pics..

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