Defense of Frostbite [VITAL]

Hello, Water Vikings. The notorious Doritos, who are on the losing end of this war right now, are invading our capital, Frostbite. This event is EXTREMELY important, as it very well may set the tone for the rest of this war. This is a battle we cannot lose. So now, we fight.

 Defense of Frostbite

Friday, January 3rd

Klondike, Town 


4:30pm EST

3:30pm CST

2:30pm MST

1:30pm PST

9:30pm UK

Also, Doritos, I’d like to point something out.

WV don’t try pulling a 5 bar server rouge party again. – Mustapha10

I’m laughing, really, I am. You call us out for going on the intended server? You must follow us. The event was scheduled to be on SLUSHY. Not Klondike, Mustapha. Slushy. You lost, and you must accept defeat. If you came on, we would’ve beaten you anyways. That is all for now.



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  1. I’ll be there

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