WV’S Christmas Contests: You could win!

Hey Water Vikings,

I have decided to have a giveaway of some powers and xats for the Christmas Holiday. If you are currently a troop in the Water Vikings, you have a chance to enter these contests! 😆

You are elgible to enter the contests if:

  • You are troop in the Water Vikings.
  • You have been loyal troop and will continue to be loyal.
  • You are a subscriber on Xat.

Contest One: Recruiting Contest

When? Sunday 22nd-Thursday 26th

Prize: Nameglow power (valued to be around 375 – 385 xats)

For each person you recruit into the Water Vikings, you get a point. Whoever has the most points at the end, wins! Note: You must have proof that you recruited that person.

Contest Two: Trivia Contest (No Specific Topic) and other various games for xats

When: Sunday (All the fun starts around 5:00 EST)

Prize: Zoom power (valued to be around 280-290 xats), A SURPRISE

Where: Be on xat.com/wvhq


5:00 EST

4:00 CST

3:00 MST

2:00 PST

10:00 PM UK


If we hit 70+ at one of our events this week, I will be giving away namecolor to one lucky troop! (VALUED TO BE 9,900 – 9,980 XATS!)




2 Responses

  1. Good luck people!

  2. YAY! Good Luck!

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