Done With Excuses

After a great weekend, WV has hit a bump. This is nothing new for Water Vikings but I am pretty sure that all the leaders are pretty tired of it. The leaders decided to bring back Water Vikings because the fact that many people wanted it to come back. That isn’t all the reasons why we came back but I’m pretty sure that all the leaders felt that many troops were missing WV as much as we were. I know that it has only been 2 days we have struggled but all the US leaders pretty much agreed that the events were bad. No it was not the leaders fault, it was the troops fault. When we recruit and get everyone on chat, we expect all the troops that joined/ were already in the army to log on CP when told to do so. The leaders are trying to work hard and recruit to better the army, but their is no army without troops. That is where you guys come in. Do you want to help WV rise back to the top? Do you want to be in the best army ever created? Well then, log on to Club Penguin when told to do so. If you don’t want all these things to happen or don’t want to log on to CP for events, then you should just quit and forget about ever coming back. WV is a great army, one that has inspired me to stay in CP armies for this long. I hope you troops come to see how great it will be for you if you just give it a chance.

I am sorry if the leaders didn’t want me to write this, but I just had to voice my opinion towards the troops.

Once a Water Viking, Always a Water Viking

Make it Happen, You are the only one who could do it.

~Tylund1 Water Viking Leader


3 Responses

  1. Lets get inspired to do great things!

  2. Sorry guys, my laptops currently broken and I’m only able to get on my phone/ipad using puffin browser.. If there’s an event I’ll either be on DW,ACP or WW chat.

  3. Sorry for being inactive all week. Been a busy week. I will be active again Friday. Can’t make tonight’s event because I have a concert

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