Calming the Wave

Hello WV,

Tonight a decision was made that will change not only WV history but surely CP Army History. Funks, Tap and myself have decided to close down this generation of WV. Why? We weren’t going anywhere but right now I don’t wanna talk about that, let’s talk about the golden stuff 🙂

I remember starting this generation up with Zak and Dash. I had been leading the gen for about a week by myself and we were getting sizes of like max 10 if we were lucky and then Zak pced me one day about him returning to WV and about some friend of his that wanted to return to armies and lead a new one- that ‘friend’ was Dashing Snow who went on to become, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the top 3 best WV leaders. WV dominated SMAC when we returned, I can remember coming on and reading WV being 1st for weeks on end- it was amazing and it wasn’t too long before we would make our way to CPAC. I’m not going to write a big thing about the history of this generation, let’s just make it short.

I remember the wars we had, our first one was DD and then Pretzels I believe. WVs biggest war was when we declared war on DW when we teamed up with AR and Nachos, who alongside us were some of the most powerful armies in CP. Hey AR, remember the countless times we nearly came to war with each over over the server Berg and other little fights- they were fun, right? So why did WV die? I honestly don’t think it was because Zak and Dash weren’t leading because we were doing fine at one point when both of them retired but I guess with the mix of lots of negative things like school starting and the standard of recruiting dropping we started to fall.

What happens now? A legendary chapter is laid to rest.

Thinking back on all the memories it would be a lie to say I’m not sad- but happy at the same time. THANK YOU to everyone who has influenced WV and that doesn’t just mean the leaders and owners, it means the troops, people who may have only helped out at one event and even our enemies who went to war with us- thank you.

If WV is ever brought back (which I’m sure it will) it will most likely be by a former leader. 

10 months WV, 10 months. Well done.


-signed on behalf of Funks, Bepboy9 and TapDancer-


31 Responses

  1. no1 cares

  2. 😦
    goodbye WV

  3. […] During their time alive, the Water Vikings have made major headlines, including their two-week war with the Dark Warriors and their impressive showing at this summer’s Legends Cup IV. Soon after the end of the summer, however, the army took a major plummet into the bottom of the Top Ten, sustaining rankings at ninth and tenth over the past few weeks. In a post on the Water Vikings site, Bepboy stated the following. The full post can be read here. […]

  4. R.I.P Water Vikings 😦

  5. This made me cry harder than the time I saw the Hannah Montana movie. cring

    I’ll always love WV. ❤



  6. 😦 even tho i only join wv like 4 months about i will still miss the wv i had made awesome friends like Dash 🙂 he funny,awesome,nice and more i will never forget this army 😥 my 1st army i ever join and i’m not joining any other army only this army the best and nice 1 🙂 but R.I.P WV I WILL MISS YEW GUYS ❤ 😦

    • Dog ❤

      • bep i will miss yew 2 😦 ❤

  7. Guys don’t give up. I’ve led armies to 25+ and so Brian and I are gonna keep trying Funks and Bep to let Brian and I bring it back.

    • What army?

  8. well im forced to retire again where will my travels take me this time
    good bye ill always come back and check
    ill miss you
    – green


  10. It’s sad to see WV go. If there shall be a new generation for WV to come, I swear that I will return. I salute WV.

  11. Aww, nooo D:
    This gen of WV was really awesome, you reached 1st on the top ten, got upto 40+ and showed the army world how dominant an army can be.
    R.I.P Water Vikings, you will be missed.

    • Thanks 🙂



    • LOL

    • Das hot. 😀

      • fapppety fap fap

  13. RIP WV, definitely a badass and one of the best armies ever known in CP armies. ILY DASH ❤

  14. WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR ME TO SAY BYE 😦 just had soo many good memeries with yew guys and i cant forget it like the 1st time joining the wv ❤

  15. I have seen and participated in rather quite a few of Water Viking’s generations, and I can safely say that this has been one of the strongest, and certainly longest. This generation of WV has most definitely left behind a memorable legacy for Club Penguin armies, and will most likely be an inspiration for many new armies which are created. The owners and leaders of this generation also gave themselves very promising legend titles. But as everyone knows, WV never goes down forever, and usually the future generations are more successful than the last. So the next generation of WV to be created will have some rather high standards to achieve I must say. But as this is the last of WV for now, I must say goodbye, and that this generation of WV will certainly never be forgotten.

    There goes the wave

    • fuk that mayun, when zak, jed, and I led was the best. CP armies are dying at a fast rate anyways, they wont be alive for very much longer.

      • SOCCER<3
        We reached 2nd in the CPAC Top Ten this gen, come on chat sometime 😦

      • fuk all deze yunginz dey dont kno bout da real dayz.

  16. Farewell Water Vikings!

  17. The last pic is one of IW’s.

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