The amount of troops is low, the energy is low and the general morale is low. I’m finding it hard to find troops to PC to bring to the chat and even the ones that come often don’t login. As much as we love the WV, I would rather we didn’t struggle on and battle for 10th every week, its clear we wont get back into the top 5 anytime soon. My idea is that we change to the Hot Sauce Army, with approval from Dx. Many people were in HSA a few months ago and they would probably rejoin the HSA if we recreated them. Added on most of the current army, I think that would be a successful idea. WV was a good memory for this generation, but it does look like it is slowly ending.

Tap: I am both for and against this. WV is failing fast, I know that, but I also know how damning a name change can be to an army. I know you guys probably tire of hearing about me mentioning GT, but Ganger and Jerry tried that with GT. Their idea was to rename it to WCP to get recruits. It resulted in me and B1/B2 taking over. Name Changes can work, but if they fail it is a burn on both the original and renamed army. We’d get troops who like HSA, but troops who joined WV. Also I will be retiring from all armies and probably CPAC around October 24th, my 18th birthday.

Tylund: I feel that this would be a bad idea for a number of reasons. I understand that we are falling but I would rather just let WV die, then let us change our name to HSA. HSA is a totally different army and I don’t understand how it is a much better name then WV. I will let the rest make the decisions but I cam back to help WV survive, not let WV change into HSA. If this happens I will be back into retirement and maybe even if it doesn’t happen I may be forced to go back into retirement due to being busy with school.

Bep: I’m against it. I suppose we can talk about it more in detail on chat.

Tap2: Turning the army into HSA is a disgrace. But how about IF we do this that we shut WV down and nudge troops to HSA.

Bep: I have a feeling that if any leaders want this to happen they wont try to get good sizes at the event tonight just so we can turn into HSA however if we do shut down WV I want nothing to do with HSA. Let’s just try and get good sizes later and then we’ll talk about it? Please don’t make any major decisions untill after the event 🙂

Funks: Agreed


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