The Retirement of Change (me :D)

This is it…

This is the official retirement post of Change. The reason I’m retiring is because I want to focus on my social life. I feel CP Armies takes up a large chunk of that and honestly, it’s not worth wasting so much time on it. I’ll still come on xat and help when I have some spare time, but don’t expect seeing me much. I was planning on retiring as leader in WV but that sort of backfired on me (wary). Anyways, here is my story in the CP Army Community:

I joined CP armies in December 2010. The first army I joined was the Army of Club Penguin (ACP). At the time they were very big, under the leadership under Icey Cold27/Mchappy. In the time of Mch’s first leadership in the ACP, the ACP managed to max 75 – 80 troops. I must say, he did a rather fine job at leading ACP. After Mch’s leadership ended, it was announced that both Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000 were to lead the ACP together. In the time of their leadership together ACP managed to max 50 – 55+, still staying dominant over the rest of CP armies. I worked my way up to Lieutenant General before retiring.

At the same time of this unique leadership, I led a sort of failure army named the ‘Assassins’. It didn’t last long, so I merged it into the Doritos. I got the rank of 3rd in Command, which I was very pleased about seeing as this was the first owner rank I got in a major army. That generation of Doritos were created by Aninjaboy, Alfrondo1465 and Bam117. Sadly, this generation of the Doritos only stayed alive for two months. The Doritos merged into the Golden Troops, who were 2nd at the time. I got the rank of 4th in Command in GT, and for an army 2nd in the top 10, that isn’t bad. I eventually quit GT. In the time of June – December 2011 I joined many different armies such as Sun Troops and Green Team. They were both sort of major, and got 9th – 10th in the top 10. I was owner in both of them. J

After my careers in these armies ended I retired temporarily from December 2011 – February 2013.


I made a miraculous return to CP Warfare in early February 2013. I re-joined the ACP for the rank of Major. I was rather surprised to see an old friend ‘Purple Slime4’ be 3ic, because last time I was on ACP chat she was a low mod. I was also rather surprised at the sizes the ACP were getting. They were the lowest I have ever seen from them. I also re-joined the Doritos, for top mod. I worked my way up to a high ranking in both armies. I achieved Leader in Training in the Doritos and 4th in Command in the ACP.

Still in ACP and Doritos, I created the Light Defenders. After I recruited and sorted out pages/GFX, I scheduled an event. We got around 7 on CP for our first event. We gradually grew and grew, until we hit sizes of around 15 – 20 with rogues. We became popular and rather consistent within a few weeks or so. I also joined the Water Vikings this month, which is an army I worked up to leader in.

Sadly, on April 19th, LD withered up and died. I was also fired from Doritos by Mustapha10 because I was in WV, but all dark clouds come with a silver lining, and I was promoted to owner rank in WV. As I showed more and more dedication I was promoted to 2ic. We consistently stayed in the Top 10 for a couple of months. I also joined the Hot Sauce Army after I was fired from Doritos. They grew to a world power and I was promoted to lead their UK division (2ic equivalent). Mchappy, who led ACP when I started armies, returned and led ACP back to good sizes after during Funks and Swim’s leadership ACP were attacked by HSA and Nachos, lowering them to 9th. Mch raised them back up to 2nd. Throughout the ACP vs. HAS war I stayed neutral.

After months of dedication to the WV, I was promoted to leader. I quit HSA so I could focus on leading. WV’s sizes began to drop, but we continued to stay in the top 10. The RPF cleansed our birth server Parka from us. We battled hard but we lost. Then, we pulled off a miraculous victory against the Army Republic, maxing 30, and getting 4th in the Top 10. This was the beginning of the Water Vikings golden era. Bep, Dash, Ty, and I decided to promote Freezie to lead with us. We continued getting sizes of 20-30, and got 3rd in the Top 10.

The Elite Penguin Troops, a new army led by Pain and Dxdzn, declared war on us. They only maxed around 15, so it was very easy. The same day of their declaration of war the Federation, an army 6th in the Top 10, merged into us. This brought us a lot of new owners, and a new leader, Kingfunks4 (who was a former WV leader and legend). After killing EPT and making Lord Pain retire in only 3 battles, we grew to consistently get 30-35 every event. We got through to the quarter finals of the Army Warfare League and beat the RPF with 40 troops on CP and 55 on chat.

WV, AR, and the Nachos plotted war against DW. When we decided to declare war, DW only attended WV invasions and invaded WV. After a few days, Nachos and AR dropped out of the war. So it was a 1 on 1 war between WV and DW. We had a lot of close battles, some AUS, some normal times, but after 1 week (lol), both armies agreed to end the war (after a long 2 hours negotiating).

We then faced the Ice Warriors in the semi-finals in the AWL. If we win, we go up to the finals and battle against the Nachos. Speaking of the Nachos, they had a vote on who they should raid. The choices were between ACP, RPF, and my army, WV. Luckily, the Nachos decided to raid ACP, even though they had the least amount of votes. After a close battle with the Ice Warriors for a spot in the AWL finals, we lost. We maxed around 25 but the IW topped our size by about 5. It was a very tough battle but we weren’t strong enough.

WV began to grow smaller and smaller, throughout July we got around 20+, but near the end of July we were getting around 15-17. A lot of retirements in the army (Dash, Tylund, Moses, many other owners) bashed us down even lower, until at some events we could barely hit 10. It seemed that we were dying, but earlier this September we got some OK sizes of 15.

I also got demoted, even though I was planning on retiring in a short amount of time I was too late… so even though I didn’t get to retire as leader I can retire as the 2ic I used to be. I also was refused to get the rank of 3ic in the ACP after 5 months, 10 times of someone being promoted to 3ic over me during me time as highest mod and over 9000 denials of requests. Pretty gay, but whatever.

There are many people who have assisted me in becoming who I am today; here is a list of those of you who have made me:

Great Alex – You were one of my first ever friend on xat. I remember meeting you on the ACP chat, we clicked instantly. We had so many good times in ACP, GT, CPST, etc. and I dearly miss you. I’m not sure if you’ll ever read this, but if you do I hope you know that you were a great friend.

Purple Slime – Another great pal from the ACP. We were noobs together and joined armies the same day. I remember when I temporarily retired and you were a mid-member, then when I came back you were a 3ic. I was absolutely gobsmacked. Fluffy, ooh la la (XP). Anyways, you are a funny friend, I’ll miss you!

Mchappy – What can I say; you played a vital role in my army career. I joined CP armies and the ACP under your leadership. I miss the good ol’ days when ACP got 80+ on CP. You are a good, kind person. You have a great personality, c’ya!

Dashing Snow – You are a fantastic leader. I know you will never read this because you are 20, but I won’t forget the great times we have had together. You led the Nachos very well, and it was a true honour leading the Water Vikings to their heights with you. You’re hilarious and one of the funniest people I know.

Bep – You were a cool guy. I remember first meeting you back in early 2011. We didn’t really get to know each other then, but when I joined the Water Vikings we became great friends. It was so fun leading the Water Vikings with you. Y u demote me tho (wary). Goodbye friend.

Zak – We have been great friends. I thank you for creating the Water Vikings and being a good person. You are one of the funniest people I have met in this community. We’ve had some great times in the Water Vikings. You’re also very good at GFX! 😉

Tylund – We met when you re-joined the Water Vikings. I knew you were a WV legend, and I was glad to see you re-join. We became good friends and had a good time leading together, I’ll miss you. L

Freezie – You’re a very good leader, and it was great leading with you in WV. I remember when I led HSA’s UK division and you led the army itself (XD). You’re very perverted (in a good way (wary)), but I think you should stop fapping and start recruiting (D).

LionzLover – I remember recruiting you into armies. You joined the Light Defenders and worked your way up to 3ic before I closed them. I then opened you up into other armies such as ACP and the Water Vikings. You are a crazy but funny girl, who has a twisted sense of humour (xD). You have proven your loyalty, and I respect you for that. I wish you luck in this community, as you have much potential in it. Enjoy making avatars (wary). Goodbye, I’ll miss you. L

A L E X– I remember when we first became friends after my return to the ACP. I then recruited you into LD and we our friendship developed. Sadly, after LD died, we didn’t really see each other much. I will always remember you as a great friend though.

Bjkb – You have been a fantastic friend. It was really fun when you and I were in medium armies together; those were the days I miss. Anyways, I hope you get the new generation of LD far, good luck! 😀

Lit/Slowking/Sk/Alex/Al3x/The guy with over 9000 names – I know you probably won’t ever read this… We were only friends for a few months before you retired, but during that time we become really good friends. It’s been fun in HSA and WV together, so yeah, peace.

Jed – TYBG. Thanks for creating WV, lol. When I got leader in WV, we became good friends. You’re a really funny guy, and you were very helpful when you came back to the leadership for a short period time. Hope you come on and read this. L

Cooldude – You were a great BFF, we connected really well. I’m still wondering where the hell you went, because I haven’t seen you in months… Hope you didn’t die and you read this (cry2).

Bluesockwa – BLUE. You are an awesome friend. It was pretty cool when you led WV for a short while (wary). You’re one of the best CPAC heads I’ve ever seen; keep up the good CPAC heading (wary). Anyways, you’re one of my best friends, so yeah, I’ll c’ya around.

Lighton – You’re the coolest Soviet in the CP army community! You were a great ACP owner before you stepped down, and you’re a current awesome friend. You’re good at Pokemanz, and you’ve been helpful to me at it (wary). Thanks for the awesome avatar by the way! 😀

Moses – A very good friend, and troop. You’ve been in WV since the beginning, and I respect you for that. We’ve been great friends, and it’s a real shame that you retired. If it were up to me, I would’ve given you leader. ;c

Flipmoo – Coolest Japanesian (?) I know! I literally just missed you’re leadership in IMAF by weeks, but I remember you coming back to armies and making the Revival Force. Then, once you got 3ic in ACP I was pretty envious (wary) but now I thank you for joining the ACP and being one of the best owners (leaders?) I’ve ever seen!

Fluffy – Another awesome ACP owner. You’re great at Pokemon, I wish I was. D: Anyways, enjoy leading Watex Warriors and I hope you get ACP leader in the future. C’ya! 😛

B L A Z E – Me and you were such good friends during you’re time before you disappeared. I’m still wondering where you are now. We were in so many armies together such as LD, GD, WV… Good times. I do hope you return, you were my best friend. L

There are countless other people I would like to mention, but I simply don’t have enough time. I’m sorry if I forgot or didn’t mention you, I’ll make sure I’ll add you to it! 😉

Well, that’s it really. OR IS IT? I have some stuff to say to WV and ACP:

WV: DON’T DIE! I know it’s been rough the past month or so, but keep your heads up! It looks like we’re starting to rise again… let’s get back into the Top 3! Just remember to keep recruiting, kepp active, and no one retires until at least a month from now. (D)

ACP: Y u no give meh 3ic. D: It’s awesome that we’re doing BEAST now, just keep it up so we can get back to dominating CP armies in 1st place just like old times! :’)

For the last time…

–  Change.


26 Responses


    • ermahgerd y tho

  2. Channnge</3
    It wasn't just me who decided to demote you btw lol. We share a similar sense of humor and I can't help but smile when I think back on the memories we've had together on chat. Please come by on chat now and again- you were a great leader and friend :).

    • Bep ily 😀

  3. In the short time I’ve known you, I’ve had a great time joking with you about a good lot of things. I’m glad you returned to this community after your time away, glad I got to meet you and hope you’re happy with what you achieved. You did some great work everywhere I saw you, in the Water Vikings, ACP and of course, CPAC. Good luck in life man, I’ll see you around.

    • Blue y u so aweshum? ;o

  4. Change you are a great friend of mine, I hope we can somehow battle eachother in pokemon one day =o

    • I’ll miss ya Fluffy. 😦 I can see you get ACP leader one day. ;D

      • Whats your friend code for pokemon?

  5. […] The Retirement of Change (me :D) September 7, 2013 […]

  6. It’s been a great ride, my friend. Since you joined in February, I have seen you grow into an aspiring leader. You brought success and life to this army, something that I never could have done by myself. It was absolutely spectacular to be able to know you. I wish you the best in life.

    • Zakkkkk! Good luck with FirstPriority Beats, it’s really good stuff. :3

  7. Aw, change! Can’t believe you’re leaving! It’s been such a good run with you. I remembered you ever since day 1! You created that army called Assasins of CP, lel I remember. Shame to see you retiring.. I’ll miss you with all the other people that left CP armies (I’m talking about people like Melonhead and Funkytan and Mindpower if you know those peeps).

    • Good times. D: Good luck in ACP

    ILY CRING. 😦

    • who da fuck thumbed down my comment? DA PIZZA RAPIST IS CUMMING AFTER U.


    FIRST COOLTO, THEN YOU, WHAT NEXT? Hope you get the chicks in future life!

    • Bj noooo 😦 LD 69EVER

  10. u no leave. u is mah bitch

    • o hell naw


  11. Retirement buddies! 😀

    I’m glad I returned cause if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have met you. Hopefully I can see you around!

    • Good being friends with you in the short time we knew each other. C’ya in retirement island. 😮

  12. Change, your one of my best friends!! Glad to have you as one. ily cring

  13. change whenever you have time i need to speak wth you on

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