Events 9/3-9/9

1.) Come On Chat
2.) Attend Events

3.) Have Fun.

Sunday, 8th of September

Recruiting Session

Server: Bellyslide


4:30 PM ET, 3:30 PM CT, 2:30 PM MT, 1:30 PM PT, 9:30 PM UK

Monday, 9th of September

❗ PB with WW 

Server: Snowbound


6:30 PM ET, 5:30 PM CT, 4:30 PM MT, 3:30 PM PT, 11:30 PM UK

Afternoon WV Troops,

It has been a while since I last posted, but I am not going to give some lame excuse for why I have not been around. I was inactive, I barely even touched my computer at all this week. It is okay it happens to all of us.  This week thousands of schools open across the world, and we all are quite a bit busy. The WV Leadership has expected the same thing out of everyone of us since day one.

1.) Come On Chat

2.) Attend Events

3.) Have Fun.

Click Continue Reading  for this week’s Events.

But as you can see it isn’t really fun when a good majority of us do not meet those simple expectations. So it is about time to get your head out of the ground and come back to chat because we still have unfinished business. Now here are the events for this week, I am sorry people in the UK and Europe the times must be a little later. Think of this as your break, you have been with us all Summer, but it is time for those in America to put in some extra effort because we need them for the rest of the year up until May 2014(if we survive..).


♛ᴊᴀᴄᴏʙ♛||ωᴠ Ձɪᴄ||


3 Responses

  1. think i can make some of them but at 3:30 idk ill try

  2. i can come to all but on tues and thurs (karate) and if i forget can someone remind me on chat?

  3. i got karate on tues and thurs too lol

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