I’m Back

Hello everyone, it is Tylund1 WV Legend/Former Leader. From what I have seenwe have been in quite a decline now. Truly I have seen a decline in quite a few numbers including chat size, views on site, size on CP, and troops in general. One thing that really disappoints me is the views on site because dropped by 2x more then when I was leading a few months ago. When I lead a few months ago we got around 400-500 views now we can barely even get 200. The past week the most we got was around 150 views. This needs to change. The reason I feel we are getting less and less views are that the troops are not looking on the site, which really disappoints me, because  with the troops not looking at the site, it means that they are truly not interested in when the event is and where the event will be. I have seen from the past from where leaders have had to add all troops online and then pc them 30 minutes before the events start to get them on chat. The leaders shouldn’t have to sacrifice time on getting troops on chat, when they should be on chat already. If the leaders didn’t have to pc all troops on chat then with their time till event, they could recruit more troops into the army getting WV even bigger. So that gets me into my next point Recruiting.

Recruiting is a part where it might not be as easy as possible, but it is necessary in the growth of the army. Recruiting is what get troops into the army, whether it is chat recruiting from CP Tracking chats, or if it is CP Recruiting, which is just simply get people to join our army from Club Penguin Website. I know everyone expects the leaders to recruit only, but really everyone should recruit. All the troops need to recruit to because if everyone recruits then that would make more recruits coming to our army. That is what we need in order for us to grow. I know we can keep this amazing generation alive. I need everyone and I mean EVERYONE to help this army grow. Show your true loyalty throughout these tough times and maybe soon you will be the next Leader of Water Vikings.

P.S. This post is meant to be dull and long full of just words to make a point in that we need to stop being lazy.

Lets Rise

~WV Leader Tylund1


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