Calming the Wave

Hello WV,

Tonight a decision was made that will change not only WV history but surely CP Army History. Funks, Tap and myself have decided to close down this generation of WV. Why? We weren’t going anywhere but right now I don’t wanna talk about that, let’s talk about the golden stuff 🙂

I remember starting this generation up with Zak and Dash. I had been leading the gen for about a week by myself and we were getting sizes of like max 10 if we were lucky and then Zak pced me one day about him returning to WV and about some friend of his that wanted to return to armies and lead a new one- that ‘friend’ was Dashing Snow who went on to become, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the top 3 best WV leaders. WV dominated SMAC when we returned, I can remember coming on and reading WV being 1st for weeks on end- it was amazing and it wasn’t too long before we would make our way to CPAC. I’m not going to write a big thing about the history of this generation, let’s just make it short.

I remember the wars we had, our first one was DD and then Pretzels I believe. WVs biggest war was when we declared war on DW when we teamed up with AR and Nachos, who alongside us were some of the most powerful armies in CP. Hey AR, remember the countless times we nearly came to war with each over over the server Berg and other little fights- they were fun, right? So why did WV die? I honestly don’t think it was because Zak and Dash weren’t leading because we were doing fine at one point when both of them retired but I guess with the mix of lots of negative things like school starting and the standard of recruiting dropping we started to fall.

What happens now? A legendary chapter is laid to rest.

Thinking back on all the memories it would be a lie to say I’m not sad- but happy at the same time. THANK YOU to everyone who has influenced WV and that doesn’t just mean the leaders and owners, it means the troops, people who may have only helped out at one event and even our enemies who went to war with us- thank you.

If WV is ever brought back (which I’m sure it will) it will most likely be by a former leader. 

10 months WV, 10 months. Well done.


-signed on behalf of Funks, Bepboy9 and TapDancer-



Freezie: My mom’s running a marathon I’ll be gone all weekend











Lost against UMA

We lost our practice battle today because chat was failing to work. If we do not fix chat, then WV will be dead. Either we make a new chat or fix the old one. The issue is that protect was activated and it has glitched so we cannot turn it off until it shuts off for the day.


The amount of troops is low, the energy is low and the general morale is low. I’m finding it hard to find troops to PC to bring to the chat and even the ones that come often don’t login. As much as we love the WV, I would rather we didn’t struggle on and battle for 10th every week, its clear we wont get back into the top 5 anytime soon. My idea is that we change to the Hot Sauce Army, with approval from Dx. Many people were in HSA a few months ago and they would probably rejoin the HSA if we recreated them. Added on most of the current army, I think that would be a successful idea. WV was a good memory for this generation, but it does look like it is slowly ending.

Tap: I am both for and against this. WV is failing fast, I know that, but I also know how damning a name change can be to an army. I know you guys probably tire of hearing about me mentioning GT, but Ganger and Jerry tried that with GT. Their idea was to rename it to WCP to get recruits. It resulted in me and B1/B2 taking over. Name Changes can work, but if they fail it is a burn on both the original and renamed army. We’d get troops who like HSA, but troops who joined WV. Also I will be retiring from all armies and probably CPAC around October 24th, my 18th birthday.

Tylund: I feel that this would be a bad idea for a number of reasons. I understand that we are falling but I would rather just let WV die, then let us change our name to HSA. HSA is a totally different army and I don’t understand how it is a much better name then WV. I will let the rest make the decisions but I cam back to help WV survive, not let WV change into HSA. If this happens I will be back into retirement and maybe even if it doesn’t happen I may be forced to go back into retirement due to being busy with school.

Bep: I’m against it. I suppose we can talk about it more in detail on chat.

Tap2: Turning the army into HSA is a disgrace. But how about IF we do this that we shut WV down and nudge troops to HSA.

Bep: I have a feeling that if any leaders want this to happen they wont try to get good sizes at the event tonight just so we can turn into HSA however if we do shut down WV I want nothing to do with HSA. Let’s just try and get good sizes later and then we’ll talk about it? Please don’t make any major decisions untill after the event 🙂

Funks: Agreed

Practice Battle with the Mafia.

Jacob: Can’t get on to chat because of some “Are You A Human?” test xat has decided to put on. -.-

The Underground Mafia has challenged us to a practice battle. I think this will be a good challenge and with luck people will show up.


7est, 6cst, 5mst, 4pst, 12gmt

Friday, September 13th.

May bad luck come to the Mafia.



Training Results

Today we had a great-comeback-training event where we saw nice sizes of an average of 18 and maxing around 20. I know that we can do better. Definitely, if we were able to have everyone on chat log on. We had around 25-30 on chat and 20 online which is really sad. I do not want this to happen again. Here are the pictures:

cvb3  cvb2  cvb1