Our Chat size 5 minutes after the event began.

Jacob: Cussing out our troops will not bring back our position in the Top Three.

I have seen some bad events, but this is pathetic. We had a bunch of people say they would show up, even if it was 5 minute before it began. We get to 5:00 and not a god damn person was active except me and green. Our troops were on other chats, I attempted to recruit but got blown off by all I tried to recruit. If this keeps up we will be shutting down.  You have no loyalty, no care at all. All you like doing is parade around saying you have this rank in the Water Vikings. We have shit views, our comments are down, and that is because all of you don’t give a fuck.


2 Responses

  1. Ughhh, man we suck no top ten this week.

  2. I was shoppin with my parents, tried to come ;[

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