Sieg Heil Jodie ~ The Final Goodbye

So, as you probably know, I retired about this time last year, and I came back this summer to help WV for the season. Now that the season is over and that school is back again, it is time for me to say my goodbyes. But first, I’ll start with where I began.

Well, I began in WV of course! I was looking for fire ninja club penguin cheats on March 7th 2011 as you do, and I stumbled upon the WV chat, so I clicked it and I was asked if I played CP, my immediate answer was yes and from there I was inspired to join. I must admit, I didn’t make either Zak nor Bep’s leadership very easy, I would go to extreme lengths just to make it harder! Being a rather soppy noob when I first joined, the slightest thing would make me rage, and my rampages would go on for days and sometimes even weeks. But soon that changed.

After a while, I started to realise that by being rather a hard troop to work with, I wasn’t going to make life for anyone easy. So I did start being a little bit more loose, and I soon realised how good that the army was, and I soon became one of the most loyal troops that WV would ever see. There was two occasions that lead me to be rather an army hopper, but also helped me to gain experience. I left WV for Doritos, joining for 4ic and soon enough becoming 3ic and UK leader, where I fought against my homies, and then to CPPA, achieving 3ic and being fired after about 6 months.. But soon enough I did come back to WV, and I have always helped them in events when I can.

I am also rather well known throughout small and medium armies. Playing a large part of the smaller generations of WV and also being a part of Oreos and many other small armies in which probably failed to rise even into the SMAC small top 10.

When I was reporting for SMAC, I picked up some rather good friends, such as Pungy, Splasher, Stephanie, and I also became closer to Bep. Reporting for SMAC helped me a lot, my English grade went up several levels and I always had friends and support around me helping me by telling me how I could improve.

But to me, the troops of WV feel like my own personal online family, we have our conflicts but soon enough we end up making up and being almost best friends again. It’s easy enough to forgive and forget when you’re around such a rural community all of the time. And the club penguin army community just feels like home. I do have a few haters (Wyoskyguy, Mustapha, Mrwaffle45) but I still love each and every one of them, even if they are gay fags whom need to go to rehab, they’re my homies and they’ve supported me through some tough times.

I have met some fantastic people on my journey through club penguin, and unfortunately, thanks to Splasher, I did come obsessed with Azis, to the point where I was sending him fan mail, yes I did get a reply but it was all in Bulgarian so I marked it as spam. Lol.

Anyway, I will stop boring you now and get down to the people whom I love most – my homies.

Water Vikings/SMAC homies

Bepboy9 – You’re my bumchum, don’t cry anymore little boy, Pungy will look after you now.

Splasher99 – You showed me Azis and made me love nutella even though I’m allergic to both gays and chocolate. Logic? I see none.

Sercan – I’ve not known you for long, but you’ve helped me, a lot, thank you.

Tay – You’re just like I was when I first joined WV, challenging and fun both at the same time, you’re also a Liverpool sipper, you’re amazing, don’t change babe

Dash – Baby you retired, but you taught me so much, ily. P.S I included you in MY retirement post because I’m nice.

Pungy – We’ve had some good times.. Nuffsaid

Zak – You’re my dad, you make a great hutlir.

Jed – You taught me many American foods.. such as a twinkie..

Bryce – You’re a true beefcake, and you’re also one of my best mates, I’m gonna miss you, don’t forget me. By the way, paint your van green.

Stephanie – You’re one of my best mates, I will miss you.

Mchappy – Mch you’re a close friend of mine, Ily

Change – You’re just like…. famous but act like a noob.. Just keep swimming

Funks – Stop raging and chill bro, we love you anyway, you’re safe

Jeff – You’re safe, not known you long, but stay how you are

And now for all of my other friends that I met in random places on xat ❤

Grant – You’ve been here for me when I needed you and helped me a lot, thank you.

Samra – You are my baby girl, stay beautiful.

Ana- You’ve supported me through so much and always been here for me, thank you.

Ganger90 – You ma nigga? yeahh.. u ma nigga

Blooy – You, are the noobiest person I’ve ever met, ily

Sidie – You are my baby and always have been. I’m gonna miss you, make sure you look after WV for me.

Splashy – You’re a true friend to me, I love you and I’ll miss you.

Melissa – I’m jelly.

Skyfish/Austin – We’ve gone from hating each other to being rather close these past couple of months, stay chill.

Dwain – It’s been a while but you’re chill, should catch up before I leave

Waterkid100 – You’re just amazing, we’ve fallen out before but lets face it you’re like my biffle

Daniel // Eyes – Best Dictator

Coff – my old best friend, I miss you

Sheep – You’re my brother, don’t stop being fluffy.

Spi – Sieg Heil Spi. Sieg Heil Hitler

Coolster – You’ve bailed me out of a lot of problems, you’ll always be my #1 UMA leedur. You’re fun to be around, ily

Thalia – ladedadeda AZIS. You’re my best nutella friend 😉

Adro – You’re my noob. Get down.

Boomer – You are just totally amazing 😉

Neos – Just keep walking 😉

Brave – U STARTIN BRO? COME AT ME DEN FITE ME RL. Jokes, you’re a true bloke ily

Holo2 – We’ve had some fun times, never change

Elmikey – You’re like my biffle.. Lets heil you..

HarryJoe – You’re my nyan gal

Makenzie – You’re an actual babe, don’t change for nobody

SlippyKicky – You’re one of my Biffles.. Ily ❤

Wyo – You’re an actual twat, we’ve fallen out recently but you’re still like my biffle and I still ly ❤

Pup – You’re just utterly amazing

Note: Snaily5, Yoangelyo, MrWaffle45 & Andy, We don’t talk no more but I love you all so much 

This is my official retirement post and the last post I will make on this website, I am deeply sorry if I missed ANYONE but it is like 4am and I’ve tried my best. I will not be leaving xat until Tuesday 2nd September at roughly 11PM GMT so save your crying until then.

I will miss every one of you deeply, but I do have to retire due to school coming up, I’ve got to prepare for some rather important tests this year, and school is my main focus, not armies.

For now, I am out, please remember me 🙂




27 Responses

  1. i cry everytime

    • mine’s bigger than dash’s. lel

  2. D:

  3. SIEG HEIL AZIS. No I’m joking. SIEG HEIL ELMIKEY. No I’m really joking. SIEG HEIL JODIE.And this time I mean it. I’ll always keep you updated *saluts*

  4. Do you guys except to be in the CPAW CUP here are the details
    Times: 4:30 PM EST
    1:30 PM PST
    9:30 PM UK
    Against who: SWAT

    • We Decline.

    • And FYI its Accept*

      • U accept good

      • No, We decline. go away. We’re already in a tourney.

      • Really serious it’s in 2 weeks the CPAW CUP

      • I said we decline! What do you not understand?

      • STFU dick head

      • I’m not a dick head, you’re getting mad at me for saying we decline.. You have some serious issues.. Especially to be doing this on MY post. GTFO

      • Faggot

      • Nor am I a faggot, as I am not a food.

      • Ha WV sucks balls plus shit

      • If WV sucked and was shit, you wouldn’t be inviting us to your tourney. Please gtfo before I IP ban you.

      • Fine


    • ^lel

  6. pikachu

    • Lel

      • Leland

      • Azis.

  7. aww gnna miss u when u retire jodie

  8. Goodbye. D:

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