Our Chat size 5 minutes after the event began.

Jacob: Cussing out our troops will not bring back our position in the Top Three.

I have seen some bad events, but this is pathetic. We had a bunch of people say they would show up, even if it was 5 minute before it began. We get to 5:00 and not a god damn person was active except me and green. Our troops were on other chats, I attempted to recruit but got blown off by all I tried to recruit. If this keeps up we will be shutting down.  You have no loyalty, no care at all. All you like doing is parade around saying you have this rank in the Water Vikings. We have shit views, our comments are down, and that is because all of you don’t give a fuck.



Please hold together, do anything you can to have a good event and PLEASE stay in the top ten. I return on Wednesday.


Active Count – Comment to Keep Rank NO EXCEPTIONS

Ok, we are down the shitter. We have had events and most if not all have been cancelled due to lack of people. I will not say I am blame free because I should have been online, but I haven’t and I am going to change that. If you do not comment on this post, you will be removed from ranks and will have to earn your rank back, no matter if you are a low member or if you are a leader or any other rank in between.

You will have until SEPTEMBER 6TH, 2013 to comment. Fail to do so and you will be removed from the ranks.

  • Name:
  • Rank:
  • How active are you on a scale of 1-10:
  • Time Zone:
  • When do you start school (if you already started just say so):

~Tap Dancer36 WV Leader


Step it up.

Many of you, the soldiers of the Water Vikings, have basically no dedication to this army. Hell, you guys don’t even check the site for events when we’ve had two events per day, and you guys are unaware that we’ve actually had events for the last two weeks. Even a few of the owners in this army don’t show any dedication for this army. What does this lead to? Failed events and more failed events. We had a practice battle with the Dark Warriors scheduled two days ago which was a really important event. Yet you guys don’t check the site and only ten people were on the chat, and those ten people only came on chat to hang out and not to prepare for the practice battle. I feel really sorry to Donut and the rest of the Dark Warriors for not having an army to fight against at the practice battle. But even the Watex Warriors have more dedicated soldiers than you guys, and they have only ten active soldiers that actually check the site at least once every two-three days. I mean really?

Seriously guys, we won’t be in the Top Ten next week. We haven’t had one event this week that we’ve actually attended. This army may even be dead in a few days or weeks if you guys continue to not help support this army. That’s how bad this is getting. You guys need to stick your heads out of your asses and start being dedicated to this army. I joined so I could help this army in the little time I have until my retirement, but you guys’ attitudes are making this army worse and worse every week. It’s a miracle that we’re seventh in the Top Ten.

Step it up and actually show at least some dedication for this army. There’s going to be events Saturday and Sunday so check the site every few hours or so to see if we added the new events. It is crucial that you attend these events, especially if this army wants to be in the Top Ten in two days. If you want to see this army in the Top Ten, you would actually attend the events we schedule this Saturday and Sunday and get a couple of your army friends to join and stay active in this army.

What can you do to help get this army back on track?

  • Check the site at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Is it really that hard to do this?
  • Comment on event posts. Comment if you can or cannot attend those events.
  • Be on chat 10-15 minutes before events and be prepared to log on Club Penguin.

This is your wake-up call. If this shit continues, be prepared for something really bad.

Sieg Heil Jodie ~ The Final Goodbye

So, as you probably know, I retired about this time last year, and I came back this summer to help WV for the season. Now that the season is over and that school is back again, it is time for me to say my goodbyes. But first, I’ll start with where I began.

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Events: 10/8/2013 – 12/8/2013



Time to wake up soldiers we can’t start slacking off yet! It may be summer and I understand you want to relax go to the beach and enjoy yourselves, but if you truly have nothing to do come to WV chat. We might have an Unscheduled Event or maybe a Raid just to keep you on your toes. I expect you guys to participate in as many events possible and follow orders as directed this week. Please do not disappoint us.

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❗ PROMOS will be given out and we will have an owner party (everyone will get temporarily ownered) if the leaders are happy with our performance ❗

Saturday, August 3rd


Nachos vs. Water Vikings

Where: Klondike, Berg

12:30pm PST

1:30pm MST

2:30pm CST

3:30pm EST

8:30pm GMT