Welcome to the Water Vikings!

Are you new to CP Armies? Then this is the place to be! On this page we’ll teach you the basics of CP Armies and what you should know when you’re in them.


Tactics, I’m sure you’ve heard of that word before. Depending if you’ve been to a CP Battle before or not you may know a bit about tactics. When you are at an event the leaders will say orders like “FORM A LINE UNDER ME” or “CIRCLE THE BERG”. These are called formations, there a few different types of formations, here are some:

Line: These can be pretty basic and we will usually start with these and you will see them allot. This is when we form a line down and don’t move from our position.

Backwards L Line: This is a certain type of line and it is exactly what it sounds like; a backwards L! When the leaders say “FORM A BACKWARDS L” everyone must make a backwards L on cp together, this is another popular formation tactic.

Circling a Room: These look great, it is when everyone makes a circle around the edge of a room. So when the leaders say “CIRCLE THE ROOM” on chat you simply form a circle with other people around the room.

Scatter: Scattering is when you pick a spot in the room and you sit there but you are not touching or sitting beside anyone else.

But you wont always be staying still, there are some things that we do which involves us running around the room!

Frenzy: We will usually use these in a training session, this is when, for example a leader says “FRENZY THE ROOM WITH SMILEY FACES (E+1)” it means you run around the room doing the smiley face emote.

Bomb: These are just like doing a frenzy only these are used in wars or battles, it is exactly like a frenzy only we do it directly at a certain army who we are battling, so it’s exactly like a bomb- only less dangerous 😛

While you are doing these formations you wont just be standing there doing nothing, you will be doing emotes at the same time as everyone else! For those of you who don’t know what emotes are they are those faces and objects that you can say/do on Clubpenguin- for example, a smiley face or angry face. When used in CP Armies they are much funner. You will see the leaders saying on chat “PRESS E+8 NOW” E+8 is just a shorter term for the sick/puke face emote. Every emote has a short term, here’s a chart of them:


So, if we put a formation and an emote together we get a good tactic. When you are at an event you will see the leaders saying orders on chat. Here are a few examples:

“BOMB THE ENEMY WITH E+9” This means we bomb whoever we are facing with E+9 (angry face)

“DO E+P IN LINE NOW” This means you do E+P (puffle emote) in line, without moving.

“JOKE FRENZY THE ROOM NOW” This means you frenzy the room with jokes, a shortcut for saying a joke is to press j on your keyboard.

So now that you know about tactics, let’s move on..

Ranks & Xat Chats

Just like tactics, you may already know a bit about ranks. Ranks are just like levels and you get them in every army. Look at it like this, imagine the set of ranks is a ladder and each step on the ladder is a rank. If you’re active and loyal you will get promotions- these are like a step up on the ladder. Ranks are important and they come into even more use when you are on a xat chat. A xat chat is where armies communicate, each army will have a chatbox where all of the troops of that army go to hang out and go when there is an event! If you are completely new to CP Armies, you’ll most likely start out as a low member but if you stay active and come to battles, wars and training sessions then you’ll soon get a promotion, and then after a few promotions you will have past the member ranks and moved onto the moderator ranks. When you are moderator (mod for short) you get moderator on chat, mods are important to an army, they keep the chat safe and make sure everyone is ok. In WV there are 5 member ranks, once you get to the highest member rank and you get a promotion you will move onto a moderator rank, there are 4 moderator ranks. After the moderator ranks there are owner ranks. Owners get owner on chat and are not easy to get! Usually when a mod gets promoted to owner they have to prove themselves worthy enough and are usually chosen by an election or by the leaders. There are 2 owner ranks, 3ic (3rd in command) and 2ic (2nd in command) and then after the owner ranks there is the main owner ranks, which are the leaders and they get main owner on chat (they basically control the chat) and are the leaders. So, hopefully by now you’ve already left a join comment (because that’s probably how you got here) but if you haven’t please go do it now by clicking here and then once you’ve left the join comment you will be put on  the ranks within 48 hours (2 days). To visit the ranks page click here. So to summarize this, you’ll most likely start out as a member rank, then if you come to battles and events you will get promotions, which are like level ups and after a few promotions, you’ll be a mod rank (which is when you get mod on chat!)

Other Things

There are a few other interesting things you may want to know. First of all, there are CP Army news sites. Yep,that’s right! Just like CNN or BBC only they aren’t on TV. There are two main CP Army news sites- CP Army Central and Small and Medium Army Central. SMAC (Small and Medium Army Central) focuses and reports on Small and Medium armies rather than large armies whilst CPAC (CP Army Central) focuses on large armies (WV are large!). A small army will get small sizes on cp, while a medium army gets medium sizes on cp and large armies get large sizes on cp. CPAC and SMAC do weekly Top Tens, where they pick the best ten armies of that week but of course, SMAC picks the best ten small and medium armies of that week while CPAC picks the best large armies of that week. Water Vikings are a popular contender for the Large Army Top Ten on CPAC. If there is anything else you’d like to know don’t be afraid to ask a leader or owner on chat and if you’re bored why don’t you look through our site? We have some interesting stuff on the History Page but first of all don’t forget to visit our chat by clicking here.

To visit SMAC click here.

To visit CPAC click here.


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