Defenses/Invasions of LT

Zak: Sunday Events cancelled in honor of Palm Sunday. Enjoy your day off!

Zak: If ANYONE says that they are skipping the battles for another army, they will receive an instant demotion. No exceptions.

Chief Garrett90: I expect 15-20+ to be our sizes, but if we get 25-30+, we will have an owner party.

Chief Garrett90: I have retired and became the Main Advisor of the Water Vikings. I will stay Editor on site as I will update ranks on occasion. I will still help WV at occasional events (LT war for sure). This is not goodbye, but just a retirement. Again I will say I will still be on chat, help at events, and stay main on chat and editor on site.

Yes, you heard it right, we are officially at war with the Light Troops. While this came as a shock to all of us, I can’t say I’m not excited. We are equally matched. They were kind enough to cancel Wednesday’s Invasion so we could go on with our Practice Battle. So here are some defenses and invasions. Click Read more to read the events.

Defense of Berg (Again)

Sunday, March 24

Server: Berg (Klondike if full)







8 Responses

  1. Should make all.

    • derpity derp derp

  2. Can attend all long live WV!

  3. for most of them, i would still be sleeping D:
    baa Sorry D;

  4. Thermal: Yes
    Berg: Yes
    Flurry: Yes
    Parka: Yes
    Crunch: Maybe
    Sled: Maybe
    Sleet: Maybe
    Mukluk: Maybe

  5. I’ll try my hardest to get to all of them.

  6. well you know me

  7. […] for a UK Weekday event, anyway don’t forget about the rest of the events for this week (click here to see […]

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