Miners, What are you Playing At?

Dia Duit, WV! (Hello WV in Irish)

Well, today I was on the Miners site and I noticed that they are invading Sparkle today (Sunday), Sparkle is our capital! They claimed it was a free server, I was annoyed but I was willing to negotiate when Red, their leader, came online but then I noticed they also plan to invade Sled on Firday, which is another one of our servers! They claim it is a free server too and then I double checked to see if there were any more servers of ours they planned to invade, and there was! Snowbound, which is another one of our servers, they plan to invade it on Wednesday. So, that’s three servers they planned to invade, one of which is our capital. This isn’t a declaration of war on Miners, but more of a message.

Miners, you can cancel the invasion of Sparkle, Sled and Snowbound and WV will not invade any of your nation. We are close to war and isn’t it funny how you planned to invade 3 of our servers the day you were outraged that we tied with you in the CPWI event?


One Response

  1. In just picked 3 servers from the CP Army Council’s free servers pages. The invasions are cancelled.

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