The Day that Proved that Tactics Aren’t Everything~A WV Experience

Hai WV,

This post isn’t  very important but I thought I should write about it to a) Entertain you guys and keep the site active other than posting events and results b) It wasn’t our best sizes WV have seen; infact it was one of the worst this generation but this particular event showed something and that’s why it will be remembered in WV History, not as important as wars and stuff but you know..

It was Sunday 3rd March 2013, I wasn’t expecting many troops to be at the event due to the day that it was scheduled on though I was at least expecting 11+ Anyway, it was the CPAC March Madness Tournament and the first round we were against DCP. We logged on slightly late and well.. Our size sucked, it was terrible but our tactics on the other hand were amazing although at times we may have only had about 5 on CP. At first we were actually having doubts about logging on but we did anyway, we thought we might as well give it a shot. I was on my ipad so I could log on but I couldn’t really command and Dash couldn’t log on CP at all because his Kindle was playing up so Blooy and Moses were leading (Zak was and still is going through a stage of inactiveness). Well, onto the main part of the story.

TO BE FINISHED, TOUCH MY POST ANDILL TOUCH YOU. If you know what I mean… Hai bep. ily ❤ ~you know who


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