Weekend Events|IMPORTANT

So yeah, we’ve been inactive, we need to fix that. The past week we have been inactive, we need that 15+ on cp again, or even better 20+ on cp. How can we do this? Promotions and Demotions and a hell of a lot of recruiting. I seriously don’t want to rant on so please, try your best to make these events:


❗ Invasion of Snow Drift ❗

When: Sunday 17th February 2013

Where: Snow Drift, Town


 4:00 PM EST

 3:00 PM CST

 2:00 PM MST

 1:00 PM PST

 9:00 PM UK


4 Responses

  1. 1.No (Time’s Late)
    2.No (Same as 1.)
    3.No (Due to Wedding)

  2. I don’t know :3

  3. Easy. I’ll come.

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