Just wanted to introduce myself

Hey Water Vikings! My name Dash, Brass, Ass. (whatever you wanna call me is fine with me). My CP name is Dashing Snow. I thought of that name back in 2008 when I was listening to the song Jingle Bells. I have been in armies for 4-5 years, so please don’t hesistate to ask me about any questions you may have about the CP army world.

As for my army experience, the only army I have been in for a long time were the Nachos. I would never really consider myself to be an “army hopper.” I was leader of the Nachos for about 7 months and then retired to focus on school. I also lead in Tacos and Wizard Warriors for a brief amount of time. But I’m back and determined to lead the Water Vikings to the top again!

If you are interested in joining Water Vikings, please make a join comment on the join page or you can speak to me or the other leaders on chat. We will be posting some events soon, so make sure you keep checking the site!

Happy Holidays! See you soon Water Vikings.




3 Responses

  1. but zak wrote this post? wtffff

    • It is under Zak’s name as he was the one who restored the post after a defacing.

  2. dash4legend

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