We will have three scheduled events this weekend. You must comment on this post if you can come to them or not, there will be promotions and demotions given out and hopefully throughout the weekend an unscheduled Training Event will take place (if we have a good chat size). Please read on..

So, like I’ve started off with the last few posts, let’s look at how the promotions will work:

1 event: Promotion

2 events: Double Promotion

SMAC Event: Double Promotion

0 events: Demotion (unless you have a legitimate excuse)

Note: You cannot get two double promotions in one week. For example, if you come to all the events you will not get 4 promotions, but instead 2 promotions, and possibly 3 depending on how good WV and your personal performance was that weekend. You cannot be promoted if you are Highest Mod or over. The promotions will only be given out if the leaders are happy with the performance.

❗ Training/Recruiting Practice ❗


Recruit for a while before the event. If needed, we wait and recruit longer. All mods that are on chat must recruit one person to WV throughout this night.

When: Friday 14th December 2012

Where: Crystal, Town &


12pm PST//1pm MST//2pm CST//3pm EST//8pm UK //12AM MST//11AM PST

❗ SMAC Tournament (IMPORTANT)


We will recruit on xat for a bit before this and log on to CP about 5 minutes early regardless of our chat size. We need everyone to be active on Water Vikings chat and to be active on CP for the tactics, we need to be on the ball with our tactics to beat these guys. The Double Promotion will only be given out if the leaders are happy with our performance.

When: Saturday 15th December 2012

Where: Klondike, Town &


2pm EST, 1pm CST, 12noon PST, 7pm UK/GMT

❗ Invasion of Snow Board ❗


There is no particular time for this event. If needed, we will recruit for an extra five minutes. If we had a very good turnout at SMAC Tournament then this invasion may be postponed until next week or the following day.

When: Saturday 15th December 2012

Where: Snow Board, Town


EST: 4:00 // CST : 3:00 // MST 2:00 // PST 1:00 // UK : 9:00

Don’t forget to comment if you can come or not (will count towards future promotions/demotions when we look back). Expect another post coming soon (not an events post) and a site makeover!



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  1. gay gay gay gay i’ll come if im online xat at that current time

  2. Ily<3

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