Welcome to the New WV/Events

EDIT: SMAC Tournament times have been added (will be before invasion of Sparkle), both events will be an instant promotion.

Hai guys!

Welcome to the new generation of Water Vikings. So far the leader are myself (Bepboy9), Edd64 and Slimshady. If you would like to join please head over to the Join page and you will be ranked within 24 hours of leaving your comment. Now, it will be very easy to get promotions, but demotions will be given out easy too, so join today! Below you will find the details of our first event, it is an instant promotion to anyone who attends (and who is highest mod and below), even if we start out with small sizes, in time we will grow.

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The Wave Returns

Bep: Email me: damoose99@hotmail.co.uk

Tylund1 edit: I need to speak to Bep on WV chat

I could go on and make a speech, one I had actually prepared for this post but instead I will just inform you all. Water Vikings will be returning  I, Bepboy9, Water Vikings Legend will be reviving this wonderful army. Every gen I’ve been in, I’ve led every time we were major so hopefully you have faith in me. The official date of the return is 

Friday 23rd November 2012

There is a good chance we wont have an event until the following weekend, but the site will be having a complete makeover, so please, get ready.